Monday, January 16, 2012

Yu/Jin win the pairs' competition at Youth Olympic Games

Yu/Jin (CHN) win the Youth Olympic games with 153.82. They do a good triple twist, a sequence of double axels with step out, a good triple toeloop side by side, two Chinese school-like thrown jumps triple loop and triple salchow. They did clean lifts and spins too.

The Russian couple Fedorova/Miroshkin finishes in second place with 134.89. This is a disappointing performance with a not clean triple twist, fall on their double axel side by side and they do just a double flip-single toeloop combo. They do nice triple loop and double salchow thrown, but they receive two points deduction for illegal movements.

The other Russia team Dolidze/Ivanov earn the bronze medal with an easy yet clean free program. They do a double twist, a sequence of double axels, a double lutz side by side, double loop thrown and double flip thrown. They get 112.72 points.

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