Sunday, January 22, 2012

Canadian Championships: Men's free

Patrick Chan performed a stunning free skate and won the Canadian Championships with a total score of 302.14. Ha nailed all of his jumps: quad toe-double toe combo (his only little mistake as he was planned to do a quad-triple combo), quad toe, triple axel, triple lutz-single loop-triple salchow combo, triple loop, triple flip-triple toe combo, a beautiful triple lutz taken from a very difficult transition, and a final double axel. He received very high goes and components score all 9.5 or more.

Kevin Reynold took the silver medal with an ambitious yet struggled skate (158.63). He attempted three different quads: he nailed the salchow and toeloop but under rotated his loop. He did also a good triple axel, a very difficult combo triple flip-triple toe-triple loop, followed by a double axel-triple toe combo (under rotated the toe), a triple lutz, a triple salchow-triple loop combo.

Jeremy Ten had not the best skate tonight, but he managed to get a third place finish (136.69). He fell on his opening triple axel, then did some nice jumps such as a triple lutz-triple toe combo, a triple toeloop, a triple loop-double toe combo, triple lutz-single toe combo, a double axel a triple salchow with some problems and finally he fell on his triple flip.

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