Saturday, January 28, 2012

European Championships: ladies free

1.Kostner: triple loop, triple flip, double axel, double axel-double toe, triple toe-double toe, triple salchow, triple salchow-double toe-single toe. 120.33

2.Korpi: triple toe-triple toe, triple salchow hand down, double flip, triple loop-double toe-double loop, triple salchow-double toe, triple loop but that won't count because she repeated too many triples (two toes and salchows), double axel. 105.14

3.Gedevanishvili: triple lutz-double toe very high, two footed triple lutz, double axel-double toe-double toe, triple salchow, double axel held on, triple toe-double toe, triple toe. 108.79

4.Korobeynikova: triple flip-triple toe, triple lutz she has a beautiful flow, triple flip, double axel-triple toe, triple loop, triple salchow-double toe-double toe, double axel. 114.72

5.V. Helgesson: triple toe-double toe-double loop, triple toe, triple loop, triple flip, double axel-double toe, triple loop-double axel. triple salchow. Very good program. 105.14

6.Makarova: triple flip under rotated, triple toe-triple toe, triple loop, triple loop-double toe-single loop, triple salchow-double toe, double axel, double axel. 102.04

7.Leonova: triple toe turn-triple toe, triple loop, triple lutz fall, triple flip-double toe, triple salchow-double toe-double loop, triple flip, single axel. It looks like her letf knee is hurting. The panel is giving few under rotated jumps. 104.28

8.Marchei: triple lutz fall, triple flip, triple salchow turn-double toe, triple lutz-double toe, triple toe step out and fall, double axel, triple salchow. 93.32

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