Thursday, January 26, 2012

European Championships: Men's short

Gachinski performed the short program at his best. He nailed all the technical difficulties planned: gorgeous quad toe-triple toe, triple axel, triple lutz. He won the short in a virtual tie with Plushenko. (84.80)

Plushenko went for a cautious and clean short program. (84.71) He decided to put apart the quad today, but performed very well his triple lutz-triple toe combo, a huge triple axel, and a triple loop. He received good components too, the lower voice was as usual transitions that scored 7.86.

Tomas Verner tried the quad toe, he two-footed it but then went clean on his other jumps: good triple axel and triple lutz-triple toe combo. He scored 81.14

Fernandez was the real expectation of this championships. He had a rollercaster short nailing a beautiful quad toe, a riple lutz-turn triple toe and a very uneasy triple axel. His components were a little bit lower than Plushenko's. (80.11)

Amodio showed his new short program on the international stage scoring his season best 78.48. His only mistake was a step out on the quad salchow, but then did triple lutz-double toe combo and a good triple axel.

Brezina scored 76.13. His triple axel was very well done, but then he stepped out on his triple flip-triple toe combo that was very near to the board and fell on his quad salchow.

Joubert did not performed well in his short program scoring the 12th techical mark of the competition. He fell on the quad toe, missing the combination, stepped out on the triple axel and finally did well on the triple lutz. (67.92)

1.Gachinski 84.80
2.Plushenko 84.71
3.Verner 81.14
4.Fernandez 80.11
5.Amodio 78.48
6.Brezina 76.13

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