Sunday, January 29, 2012

US Nationals: Ladies free

Ashley Wagner won the US Nationals for the first time in her career scoring a brilliant 123.96 in the free. Third after short program, she held on to anything, she did a triple flip-double toe-double toe, double axel-triple toe, triple lutz (wrong edge), triple loop, single salchow, triple loop-double toe and a final triple flip.

Alissa Czisny earned the silver medal with 116.86. Her skate was not the best of hers, she had troubles landing both of her lutzes (one was down graded and she fell on that), she turned into a double an intended double axel-triple toe, her entry edge on the flip was wrong, but she had two strong triple loops (one in combo with a double toe-double loop).

Agnes Zawadzki paid the pressure of the first place finish in the short and ranked seventh in the free, but still was able to finish on the podium. She opened with a beautiful double axel-triple toe, but then troubles started to come, she struggled on the landing of almost all of her jumps, including two falls on triple lutz and triple salchow (107.86)

Caroline Zhang came back strong after few seasons of struggle. She was not perfect, but she fought for her third place in the free that assured her the fourth place overall. (113.01)

Mirai Nagasu had an off competition, she placed seventh with two falls in her free and some really temptative jumps (104.97).

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  1. Ashley well deserved her National's win. I hope she increases her technical difficulty and gets a medal at World's.