Sunday, January 22, 2012

Canadian Championships: Ladies' free skate

Amelie Lacoste won the Canadian Championship with a 107.08 free skate. Amelie had a nice skating completing a opening triple loop, a triple salchow-double toe combo, triple loop-double loop-double loop combo, triple salchow and double axel but struggled with the toe-pick jumps and singled both flip and lutz attempted in her program.

Cynthia Phaneuf won the free skate and managed a second place finish overall (108.28). She had a very strong program: nailed the triple loop, triple lutz, triple loop-double toe, double salchow, then she fell on the double axel, her simplest jump, completed triple toe and triple toe- double toe combo. Once again she was rewarded as the best artistic skater of the competition.

Firts after short program, Katleyn Osmond gained the bronze medal with a 98.53 free skate. Some technical mistakes and her lack of artistry (due to her young age and the comparison with the maturity of Lacoste and Phaneuf) caused her a third place finish. She nailed the triple flip-double toe, triple toe-double toe and double axel-double toe-double loop combos, a nice triple flip and toe loop, but struggled on the landing of her triple salchow and fell on double axel.

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