Sunday, January 15, 2012

Results of Youth Olympic Games short programs

 Men's Competition

Han Yan leads after short program with 59.65 despite a disappointing execution.He pops the starting triple axel, he failed the triple flip-triple toe combo, he does well the triple lutz. The Chinese skaters is rewarded with the best components score of 34.21.
Feodosi Efremenkov (RUS) is in second place. He falls on his triple axel and misses the entry edge of his triple flip-double toe combo. He gets 54.70.
In third position there is Michael Christian Martinez (PHI) with a nice triple lutz, a mistake on the triple loop (no combination, then) and a good double axel. (54.35)

Pairs' Competition

The same of the men's competition, China leads with Yu/Jin presenting a good double lutz side by side, a thrown triple loop and a double twist. The program is well skated and clean, to deserve 51.79 points.
The Russian team Fedorova/Miroshkin has the same technical content as the Chinese, but they miss the entry edge of the double lutz and gain for that 49.32.
At third place there is another Russian couple Dolidze/Ivanov: double twist, double loop thrown and double lutz side by side (always taken from the wrong edge...). They gain 38.75.

Dance Competition

There is a Russian team Yanovskaya/Mozgov leading the short dance wih 60.19. They gain the best result both technically (33.79) and on artistry (26.40): level 4 for twizzles, for one of the two Rumba's sequences and for rotational lift; for any other elements they receive a level 3.
In second place there is Nazarova Nikitin (UKR) with 57.44. Their technical mark is almost the same of the Russians, while they lose a couple of points on components score.
The other Russian team Simonova/Dragun is in third with 54.11. Level 4 for twizzles, level 3 for rumba's sequences and for the lift, just a level 2 for the circular step sequence.

Ladies' Competition

The ladies' competition has been characterized by the predominance of Russia. Elizaveta Tuktamisheva has won the short with 61.83. She presented a triple salchow-triple toe combination, a triple lutz and a double axel, all well execute. Adelina Sotnikova is in second place with 59.44. She did the easier triple toe-triple toe combo, triple lutz wrong edge and a nice double axel. Zijun Li (CHN) is in third with 50.92. She did triple flip-double toe combo (actually she had proved to know how to do a triple triple, so watch out for the free) a triple lutz wrong edge and a double axel.

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