Friday, January 20, 2012

Canadian Championships: Ladies' short

Kaetlyn Osmond performed a beautiful short program scoring 56.94 and leading after the first segment of the competition. She opened with a stunning double axel, then a triple toe-triple toe combination. She received positive credit for all her technical elements except for a level three flying sit spin.

In second position, Amelie Lacoste executed a not perfect yet classy and artistic short. She opened with the double axel, then she fell on her triple lutz and got downgraded for it. Her combination was a triple loop-double loop. (52.43)

Alexandra Najarro assured a third spot going into the free with a 52.34 points short program. She did a triple flip-double toe combo, then a tight triple lutz and a clean double axel.

Cynthia Phaneuf is currently in a disappointing fourth place (49.66). She did a sold double axel, but then she fought for a triple lutz hand down and fell on the triple loop without doing any combination. Anyway, she scored the best program components of the night.

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