Sunday, January 22, 2012

Canadian Championships: Dance Results

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the Canadian Championships with a fabulous free dance scored 111.61. After the struggle of the short dance, the Olympic champions did not make a mistake and earned a level four for the curved lift (that was changed after the grand prix final: in the early season Scott used to lift Tessa staying on one foot, now he takes the spread eagle position), twizzles, spin, and combo lift, and a level three for step sequences and the rotational lift. Tessa and Scott had decided to change some parts that were considered too static and now the program seems even more detailed and beautifully on the music.

Weaver/Poje made a real step forward this season and might give us some thrilling performances at worlds. They scored 106.26, six points above their season best, and collected a series of level four on twizzles, spin and any of their lifts (they received a level three on steps).

Gilles/Poirier also had a good skate, winning the bronze medal at their debut competition. They were given level four on any of their elements except steps, but they left some points on the artistic mark.

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