Friday, January 27, 2012

European Championships: ladies short

1.Kostner: 3toe-3toe, 3loop, flying camel spin, 2axel, layback, circular steps, a little mistake on the combo spin. 63.22

2.Korpi: 3toe-3toe, 3loop, flying sit spin, 2axel, layback, straight footwork, combo spin. She looked absolutely divine! It is so nice that she regrouped after the fall season. 61.80. maybe she under rotated her loop 61.80

3.Makarova: 3toe-3toe with a not flawless landing, 3loop, 2axel, level one flying sit spin, combo spin, straight footwork,  layback. Good job! 57.55

4.Gedevanishvili: 3lutz-2toe very high, 3salchow, flying sit spin a little high position, 2axel, straight line footwork, layback, combo spin. What a delight! Good job Brian Orser! 57.14

5.V. Helgesson: 3toe-2toe (she tried a triple triple in the warm up), triple loop, layback with a unusual edge change at the end, straight footwork, 2axel, combo spin. 55.68 good components score

6.Leonova: 3toe-3toe two footed, 3flip, 2axel, layback, straight footwork, flying sit spin, combo spin. 54.50

7.Marchei: 3lutz-2toe, 3salchow, combo spin, 2axel, layback spin, straight footwork, flying sit spin. It is really nice seeing such clean performances 53.52

8.Silete: the swan lake is a leit motive this year. 3toe-3toe well done, 3loop, flying camel, 2axel, layback spin, footwork and combo spin. Very well done for her! 52.75

9.J. Helgesson: 3lutz very good, 3salchow-double toe hand up, flying camel spin, straight footwork, 2axel, layback, combo spin.
She seems to have a lot of fun skating. 52.32

10.Glebova: 3lutz wrong edge, 3toe-3toe, 2axel, layback not high level, circular steps, flying sit spin, combo spin. She is very improved from last year, very solid performance. 52.32

11.Meite: 3toe-3toe a little sloppy on the second jump, 3 lutz, 2axel, combo spin, straight footwork, good flying camel, layback. 49.86

12.Korobeynikova: 3flip-3toe fall, 3loop fall, flying sit spin, double axel, not effortless, very nice lay back, footwork, combo spin. She is very elegant and has long beautiful lines but emotional today. 49.41

1.Kostner 63.22
2.Korpi 61.80
3.Makarova 57.55
4.Gedevanishvili 57.14
5.Helgesson 55.68
6.Leonova 54.50

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