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Sencila Bled Cup Junior Grand Prix-Ladies free skate

Hae Jin Kim (KOR) won the event with a total score of 147.30. She skated a very nice and classy free program with a triple toe-triple toe, a couple of triple flips and a triple lutz. She deservely had the best components score of the competition of 45.30 for her flow and lightness.
Here is the video

Barbie Long (USA) scored 94.95 at her Junior Grand Prix debut.She had a wonderful technical content executed with ease: she did a double axel-triple toe, a triple lutz-triple toe (with a slight step out) and other four triples. She finished off the program with a beautiful double axel-double toe-double loop taken from a spread eagle.
Here is the video

Elena Gerasimova (RUS) won the free skate and, after the short program where she ranked fifth, she gained the bronze medal.She did seven triples (including a triple lutz-triple toe combo) and skated quite clean, despite an evident weakness in taking the right edge of the lutz, from start to finish scoring 96.14
Here is the video

Nebelhorn Trophy-Ladies free

Keatlyn Osmond (CAN) won Nebelhorn Trophy 2012 with 114.51. She was in second after the short program, but did a very good free landing five triples including two triple flips, a triple lutz and a beautiful double axel-triple toe combo. Her performance has been downgraded by a fall on a triple toe in the second half. She performed a brilliant step sequence getting a level four (the only one of the competition).

Adelina Sotnikova got the second place with a tough performance. Her program had some ups and downs: she landed a double axel-triple toe combo and some other nice triples but fell on her triple lutz (that was probably supposed to be in combo with another triple toe) and popped a flip. She received 109.75

Haruka Imai (JPN) had an enormous recover after short program where she ranked ninth and got the bronze medal. She got some under rotated jumps here and there, but overall her performance was clean. 105.94

Friday, September 28, 2012

Joshua Farris wins Slovenia Junior Grand Prix

Joshua Farris won his second consecutive grand prix competition with a fre skate of 136.86. Joshua didn't skate as clean as in Lake Placid a couple of weeks ago, but managed a very solid performance despite a fall on a triple axel at the beginnin of the program. He landed a total of seven triples (including another triple axel in the second half of the program) and performed a very elegant routine.

Boyang Jin (CHN) recovered from the sixth place finish after the short program to the silver medal. He landed a quad toe (under rotated) two triple axels and a triple lutz-triple toe combo. 128.35

Alexander Samarin (RUS) had a good come back in the free moving from fifth to third with some good triple lutzes and flips but no one axel in his program. 122.22

Nebelhorn Trophy-Men's free skate

Nobunari Oda won Nebelhorn trophy with a smart program of 153.69 points. He got credit for his quad toe, even if it was not perfect, two triple axels, triple lutz-triple toe and three more triples. He just popped a triple flip at the end of the program.

Konstantin Menshov did not have a very difficult technical content (despite a good quad and two triple axels)  but he performed the entire program with ease. He got all positive goes except for a singled axel (scheduled to be double). He earned 143.64

Keegan Messing had a brilliant free skate too, earning 142.22 points along with the bronze medal. He did a couple of triple axels successfully (one in combo with a triple toe in the second half of the program) but fell on attempted quad toe.

Tomas Verner and Michal Brezina had disappointing free skates and ranked sixthand fifth. Michal struggled a lot falling on three of his jumps (quad salchow, triple axel, triple loop).

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012- Pairs free skate

Volosozhar/Trankov won the Nebelhorn Trophy 2012. They skated effortless nailing all of their technical elements. They opened with a trademark triple twist, triple salchow-double toe side by side, throw triple loop, triple toe side by side and throw triple salchow. They scored 131.31

Denney/Coughlin (USA) manteined the second place in the free. They had a wonderful technical content ,including a throw triple flip in the secon half of the program, and skated clean throughtout the entire program scoring 121.61

James/Cypres had a tough free skate in which they struggled with almost any jumping element, hardly landed. Anyway they had a strong advance on the fourth team, so they saved the bronze medal with 96.52.

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012-Ladies short program

Adelina Sotnikova (RUS) won the ladies short program at Nebelhorn Trophy with 58.48. She fell on her triple toe-triple toe combo, but did well the other technical elements in her program. She landed a good triple flip and double axel and received level 4 on all her spins. She received the best components score of the competition (26.57).

Kaetlyn Osmond, the Canadian Nationals' bronze medalist, scored 55.68 assuring the second place in the short. She had troubles with triple toe-triple toe too, but didn't fell. Then she executed a good triple flip and double axel. Her gap with Sotnikova is mostly caused by a two points difference on the components score, however recovering in the free is in her range.

Elena Glebova (EST) is in the mix too with her 54.26. She did a triple lutz, a shaky triple toe-triple toe and a good double axel

Polina Shelepen (RUS) executed a triple lutz-triple toe, the most difficult combo of the competition, a triple loop and double axel, but lost some points on step sequence and spins that, with the exeption of a beautiful lay back, were judged a level two. (53.56 in fourth)

Caroline Zhang (USA) was one of the favourites for the podium, but got a tenth place caused by a struggle in jumping: she didn't complete the combo and struggled in the landing of triple loop and triple flip that was under rotated too. (45.43)

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012 videos

Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov
sp video
fs video

Vera Bazarova/Yuri Larionov
sp video

sp video

sd video
fd video

Nelli Zhiganshina/Alexander Gazsi
sd video
fd video

Nobunari Oda
sp video
fs video

Michal Brezina
sp video

Konstantin Menshov
sp video
fs video

Kaetlyn Osmond
fs video

Adelina Sotnikova
sp video
fs video

Haruka Imai
fs video

Polina Shelepen
sp video
fs video

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Sencila Bled Cup 2012 Junior Grand Prix- Men short program

Joshua Farris of US is leading the men's short program in Slovenia. He performed an easy and elegant routine with no mistakes nailing a beautiful triple axel, triple lutz-triple toe and triple flip. He earned a new season best of 74.35 points.

Han Yan is now in second place with 65.66. He skated a nice tango program but he popped his triple axel. He did a good triple lutz-triple toe combo and triple flip.
See the video

Keiji Tanaka is third with 61.83. he stepped out on his triple axel, then did triple flip and triple toe-triple toe combo. His performance was good overall, with some nice pieces of choreography, but he is still weak in spins, especially the flying camel.
See the video

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012-Men's short program

Nobunari Oda Nobunari Oda of Japan skates in the Men Free Skating during day five of the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships  at Megasport Ice Rink on April 28, 2011 in Moscow, Russia.

Nobunari Oda (JPN) came back after few months of stop caused by a knee injury with a first place finish at Nebelhorn Trophy short program. He attempted a quad toe, but fell, then nailed a stunning triple axel from a difficult entry and triple flip-triple toe. Apart from the first fall on quad his program was clean with all level four spins and a level three step sequence. He earned 79.64

Konstantin Menshov (RUS) has been the only one who landed a quad toe in the entire competition (followed by a double toe) and did a clean tripe axel but doubled his triple flip. He scored 69.30

Keegan Messing (USA) is in third place with a triple axel, triple lutz-triple toe (fall on the triple toe) and triple flip with a wrong edge. 68.56

Michal Brezina and Tomas Verner, who were the favourites for a podium finish, ranked fifth and tenth.
Michal Brezina fell on an attempted quad salchow, then popped the axel and had problem on his combo (triple flip-triple toe) too. 67.78

Tomas Verner, on the other side, was going for a quad toe, but opened it into a triple and missed the combo. He fell on triple axel but completed a triple lutz. 60.69

Sencila Bled Cup Junior Grand Prix-Ladies short program

Hae Jin Kim Hae Jin Kim of Korea competes in the The Figure Skating Gala during day two of the Winter Games NZ at Dunedin Ice Stadium on August 14, 2011 in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Hae Jim Kim of Korea won the ladies short program with a gap of just 1.4 ahead of Barbie Long who is in second place.
The fifteen years old Kim skated with quality and showing a good interpretation of the Boheme. She earned 53.64 points doing a triple toe-triple toe combo (with an under-rotation on the second jump) a good triple flip and double axel in the second half of the program.

Hae Jim Kim's short program

Barbie Long (USA) earned 52.24 with a very confident short program that included a very high triple lutz-triple toe combo, a  triple flip, taken from the wrong edge and under rotated, and the double axel.

Hinano Isobe of Japan is third with 50.14. She did a triple lutz-doule toe combo (wrong edge take off), a triple flip and a slightly unsteady double axel. She skated with elegance and performed some beautiful spins.

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012-Pairs short program

Volosozhar/Trankov of Russia lead the pairs short program at Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf with a total of 65.24.
The Russian team had a good season debut: they nailed a beautiful triple twist (+2 goe from any judge) a solid throw triple loop along with an overall clean performance despite a step out on triple salchow side by side from Tatiana.

Denney/Coughlin (USA) sit in second place with 57.29. Skating to Concerto Aranjuez, they did a good triple twist and triple toe side by side but did a hand down on throw triple lutz.

James/Cypres (FRA) are surprisingly in third place just ahead of the 2012 European silver medalists Bazarova/Larionov who fell on the opening triple toe side by side.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Finlandia Trophy 2012- Entries and Schedule


Javier Fernandez
Javier Raya
Samuel Koppel
Matthias Verslius
Valtter Virtanen
Paolo Bacchini
Yuzuru Hanyu
Kento Nkamura
Maciej Cieplucha
Zhan Bush
Mikael Redin
Adrian Schulteiss
Yuzuru Hanyu Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan performs during day five of the ISU World Figure Skating Championships on March 30, 2012 in Nice, France.Ricky Dornbush
Johnny Weir
Misha Ge
Viktor Kubik

Ira Vannut
Sonia Lafuente
Jasmine Costa
Kiira Korpi
Juulia Turkkila
Alisa Mikonsaari
Beata Papp
Fleur Maxwell
Yulia Lipnitskaya
Isabelle Olsson
Natalia Popova

Ice Dance
Virtue/Moir (withdrew due to Moir's inury)


October 5, 17.00-21.00
Short program Men
Opening Ceremony
Short program Synchronized skating

October 6, 13.30-21.25
Short program Ladies
Short dance
Free skate Men

October 7, 12.00-16.30
Free dance
Free skate Ladies

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Satoko Miyahara won in Lake Placid- ISU Junior Grand Prix

Satoko Miyahara (JPN) manteined her position (she was first after short program) to the end of the free skate where she delivered seven triples. She landed a triple lutz-triple toe combo, triple flip, triple loop, double axel, double axel-triple toe, triple lutz-double toe-double toe and a triple salchow. She did everything with ease and power, without any major mistake. She scored the personal best of 106.89.

Courtney Hicks had a very nice free skate with a triple flip-triple toe combo, triple loop, triple salchow, a sequence of triple loop-double axel, triple lutz, then two final mistakes as she doubled a flip and singled an axel. Anyway, the best components score of the competition and her advantage to Angela Wang after the short program took her right to the silver medal with a free skate of 102.41 points.

Angela Wang (USA) had an incredible free skate hitting a triple lutz-triple toe-double toe. Being 8th after the short program, she came in and skated her program brilliantly. Her performance was elegant and effortless, with two triple lutzes, a triple flip, triple loop, triple salchow and a couple of double axels (one with a step down). She set her personal best with 105.69 in the free skate earning the bronze medal.

Evgenia Gerasimova (RUS) had a very tough free skate with two falls. She skated clean in the first half of the program with a triple flip, triple lutz-double toe, a triple loop, but then a fall on the second triple lutz and on a double axel. She scored 93.38 getting the fourth place.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Joshua Farris won in Lake Placid- ISU Junior Grand Prix

Joshua Farris (USA) won with a mesmerizing performance to a Piano Concerto. He opened with a stunning triple axel-triple toe, then a quad toe and triple lutz-double toe. In his seven triples program a wrong edge on a triple flip and a under-rotated triple loop were his mistakes. Otherwise his free was clean and smart. (total score of 218.69)

Joshua Farris' free skate

Keiji Tanaka (JPN) saved his second placed earned during the short program despite a struggled free skate. His program was highlighted by an opening triple axel-double toe and a triple flip-triple toe combo in the second half of the program. Nevertheless, he fell on a second triple axel (just after the first one) and on a double axel at the end of the program. Again he totally missed his flying camel spin getting a level one with negative goe. His total score was 182.50
Here is the video

Roman Sadovsky (CAN) had an impressive come back after a disastrous short program in which he ranked 8th. He did quite good in the free with seven triples, one fall on a triple flip. He had no lutzes or triple axels but he managed to skate almost clean earning the bronze medal. (158.77)
Here is the video