Monday, March 26, 2012

World Championships: Pairs Preliminary round

Sui/Han won the preliminary round with 116.57. They did a throw triple salchow (they attempted a quad all season long, let's see if they are going to do it in the final), then a side by side triple toe, where she fell and didn't complete the combo, quad twist, double axel side by side, throw triple flip .

James/Cipres (FRA) earned the qualification too with a score of 96.48. they did a side by side triple toe-double toe, double twist,  throw triple loop, throw triple salchow.

Vartmann/Van Cleave (GER) are third with 90.68. They did a double twist, throw triple salchow, double salchow side by side. She fell on throw triple loop.

See other qualified teams here

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A good bye to Laura Lepisto

Laura Lepisto of Finland has decided to retire from competitive skating after a two years stop. Laura's latest competition was 2010 Worlds, where she placed third giving Finland the first World medal. From then on, she had been persecuted by injuries, firstly a back one, then a foot one that took her away from competition since now. Laura has been three times European medalist, in 2009 she won in front of her home crowd in Helsinki.  She says that she doesn't feel motivated any more and she now feels relieved at having done such a hard decision  After two difficult seasons, she has now decided to retire. I wish her all the best for the future and good bye Laura!

Takahashi vs Chan

This is one of the most frequent questions heading to Worlds: can Daisuke Takahashi edge an apparently unbeatable Patrick Chan? 

A lot of people complain about Chan's results, saying he is way overscored, technically and artistically. Actually, no one can deny Patrick's skating ability, but sometimes it seems like he does some big mistakes and still he is on the top of the podium. 

On the other hand, Daisuke Takahashi might be the one capable of beating Chan, but he hasn't been consistant enough to do it. But what about if both deliver their skates? Who wins between a perfect Chan and a perfect Takahashi?

So, let's go deep inside the protocols.

Daisuke Takahashi short program at NHK 2011

Executed elements
Base value
Scores of Panel

Total score: 90,43      TES: 46,14      PCS: 44,29

Patrick Chan short program at 4CC 2012

Executed elements
Base value
Scores of Panel

Total score: 87,95      TES: 45,73     PCS: 42,22

So, Daisuke owns the best short of the season (see the nine best scores of the season here) but his base value is lower than Chan's. Indeed the answer is GOE. The grade of execution plays a huge part in determining a score. The matter is not doing the hardest jumps, but doing them well enough to assure a positive grade of execution. Choosing for a "simpler" but cleaner short is a safe, but a lot of times wit decision. Actually, Chan struggled a little bit in his 4CC short. He didn't nail his opening 4t-3t that always pumps up his score. I think that Takahashi is going to try for a different short at worlds, considering his attempt to land a quad toe at the beggining of his 4CC short.
Quads will be a key point in determining who's going to take the lead.

Things become more difficult in considering free skate.

Patrick Chan free skate at 4CC

Executed elements
Base value
Scores of Panel

Total score: 185,99    TES: 95,83     PCS:90,16

Daisuke Takahashi free skate at Grand Prix Final

Executed elements
Base value
Scores of Panel

Total score: 172,63   TES:85,58      PCS: 87,05

In this case Patrick Chan owns the best score (see the twelve best scores of the season here
Here the advantage caused by a nicely executed element is clear. Chan earned almost 14 points of goe against Takahashi's 7. 
Takahashi's weak point is his quad toe, while his triple axel is very well scored.
Chan has two quads and seven triples, Takahashi one quad and eight triples. Chan's technical elements base value is three points ahead Takahashi's and the components score are five points above, but if Daisuke manages to skate even better his performance score can improve.

In conclusion, while the two skaters are really close in the short, Chan has more possibilities of nailing his free, considering his consistancy on quads is higher than Takahashi's, but Takahashi has room for improvement and could snatch the gold out of Chan's hands.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Worlds 2012 schedule

Monday 26th March
14.30 Preliminary round pairs
17.15 Preliminary round dance

Tuesday 27th March
10.30 Preliminary round ladies
17.00 Preliminary round men

Wednesday 28th March
13.00 Pairs Short program
18.40 Short dance

Thursday 29th March
12.30 Ladies short program
19.00 Free dance

Friday 30th March
12.30 Men's short program
19.00 Pairs free program

Saturday 31st March
12.55 Men's free program
18.30 Ladies free program

Sunday 1st April
14.30 Gala

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Possibilita' francesi di medaglia ai Mondiali di casa

I Mondiali si terranno quest'anno a Nizza, in Francia, dodici anni dopo l'edizione del 2000.
La squadra francese, benche' non sia una delle piu' forti, puo' ambire a medaglia (probabilmente non d'oro) sotto la spinta del pubblico di casa.

Nathalie Pechalat e Fabian Bourzat avrebbero con ogni probabilita' vinto la medaglia di bronzo se Nathalie non si fosse rotta il naso durante un allenamento. L'atleta francese avrebbe dovuto essere sottoposta ad un'operazione, ma, poiche' questa avrebbe compromesso la sua partecipazione ai mondiali, Nathalie ha deciso di posticiparla a dopo i mondiali. Ora si sta allenando con una mascherina che dovrebbe evitare di farle sentire troppo dolore. La coppia francese e' migliorata moltissimo negli ultimi due anni ma questo infortunio potrebbe svantaggiarli. Tuttavia, Nathalie sembra molto determinata a partecipare e a dare il massimo. Ci auguriamo tutti che questi mondiali non le rechino troppi dolori fisici.

La Francia portera' alla competizione maschile due atleti di grande valore: Florent Amodio e Brian Joubert.
Florent ha avuto due ottime stagioni nel 2011 e nel 2012: ha vinto agli Europei a cui partecipava per la prima volta nel 2011 ed e' arrivato terzo agli Europei 2012. Molti lo annoverano tra i favoriti per una medaglia ai mondiali. Certo e' che, data la sua capacita' comunicativa con il pubblico, Florent sara' amatissimo dal pubblico di casa.

Brian Joubert sta passando un periodo nero della sua carriera. Gli ultimi due anni sono stati caratterizzati da alti e bassi e uno Joubert campione del mondo sembra quasi irriconoscibile. Anche quest'anno ha avuto delle prestazione deludenti nel Grand Prix e agli Europei, dove, per la prima volta nella sua carriera, non e' riuscito a salire sul podio. Brian quest'anno ha vinto i campionati Nazionali francesi e la Challenge Cup in cui, presentando ben due quadrupli nello short, ha dimostrato tutta la sua grande voglia di avere succeso ai Mondiali.

The French possibilities of a medal at home competition

France is hosting the 2012 World Championships for the first time after twelve years (they were held in Nice too in 2000).
The French team is not the strongest of all and probably any French skater will be able to fight for a gold medal, however the home crowd might lift their athletes to a podium position.
Ice dance and men's competition will be the most challenging for the French team.

The dance champions, Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat were the potential favourites for the bronze medal. Althought, Nathalie broke her nose during practice. She needed a surgery but, because that would have compromised her preparation for Worlds, she decided to postpone it. Now she is practising wearing a mask that reduces pain.
Pechalat/Bourzat have improved a lot in these last two years and would have probably gained the bronze medal without this injury. Their participation to Worlds is not confirmed yet, anyway Nathalie seems very determined to go out there and give her best. Let's just hope these championships won't be too painful for her.

In the men's competition France has two brilliant skaters: Florent Amodio and Brian Joubert.

Florent Amodio had two amazing seasons in 2011 and 2012. He competed at European Championships for the first time in his career in 2011 and won them. This year he is the European bronze medalist and the someone's favourite for a medal in Nice. He is a showman and the home crowd will love him.

Former World champion, Brian Joubert had a tough season and he's struggling to find his competitiveness back. This year he won National Championships and Challenge Cup but failed in his Grand Prix series and Europeans (this was the first time he didn't medal at Euros). Anyway his will to do well at worlds is cleared by the fact that he is attempting two quads in the short program (he nailed that at Challenge Cup).

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Nice guide for figure skating fans

Nice is hosting the 2012 World Figure Skating Championships. If you are going there, lucky you! I am  going too, and I can't wait for it.Nice is one of the most enjoyable cities in the South of France.

It's being very sunny in these days in South Europe (I live in the North of Italy, so I can tell), but not so warm.
Althought weather predictions are not the best for next week, I think that temperature is going to be around 10-15 degrees (50-60 Fahrenheit) and just cross your fingers for the sun! 

Moving to the "skating" part, I have noticed that competitions more or less take place from 12.30 to 17.00 in the afternoon and from 19.00 to 23.00 in the evening. As far as eating habits are different all over the world, for me competitions will be right at meal time. If you want to go to a medium-high level restaurant, there is no way you will find it open after 23.00.

The easiest thing to do is buying something in the boulangeries (bakeries).

 Multari is one of the most glorious places is Nice. There you will find the famous quiches and yummy energetic breads filled with walnuts perfect for being brought to the ice rink.

A lot of skating fans love to throw flower gifts to their favourite athletes. I am always afraid of not reaching the rink, anyway Provence is the land of flowers.
Lavande is the queen in the flower market that takes place every day except Monday on Course Saleya.

Nice is an amazing city with a superior atmosphere. You can feel that by walking on the beautiful Promenade des Anglais watching a long beach.

I hope you enjoy this championships!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Campionati Mondiali: Previsioni per le Donne

La competizione femminile sara' la piu' imprevedibile di tutte. Sono cinque anni che l'oro va a una pattinatrice asiatica, a testimonianza della crescita della scuola giapponese negli ultimi dieci anni (Ando 2007,2011; Asada 2008,2010; Kim, rappresentate della Corea del Sud, 2009).
Mao Asada, due volte campionessa del mondo, ha passato una stagione difficile l'anno scorso, ma sembra che adesso stia recuperando la forma. Quest'anno ha vinto i campionati nazionali giapponesi, impresa tutt'altro che scontata, ed e' arrivata seconda ai Four Continents e se sara' in grado di eseguire correttamente il suo triplo axel, Mao avra' guadagnato il gradino piu' alto del podio.

Akiko Suzuki (JPN) ha anche lei avuto una stagione difficile nel 2011 ma si e' ripresa e ha fornito delle eccellenti prestazioni in autunno, arrivando seconda alla finale di Grand Prix e ai nazionali giapponesi. Ha due programmi bellissimi e ottime possibilita' di salire sul podio.

La squadra statunitense portera' ai mondiali una pattinatrice "nuova" che si sta recentemente dimostrando competitiva per il podio mondiale. Quest'anno ha vinto i campionati nazionali statunitensi e i Four Continents. L'ultima e unica volta in cui aveva partecipato a dei campionati mondiali e' stato nel 2008: si e' piazzata sedicesima. Molto diversa appare la prospettiva per lei quest'anno dove potrebbe veramente farsi valere in zona medaglia.

Alissa Czisny (USA) ha sempre un po' sofferto della pressione di gara, cosa che le ha spesso impedito di esprimersi bene ai vertici. Nella 2010-2011 Alissa e' stata vincitrice della finale di Grand Prix e campionessa nazionale. A dicembre, tuttavia, dopo essersi qualificata per la finale di Grand Prix, ha contratto un infortunio che le ha causato una serie di prestazioni scadenti da li' fino alla settimana scorsa, in occasione della Challenge Cup in cui la pattinatrice americana ha fatto un mezzo disastro.

Carolina Kostner (ITA) sta vivendo la migliore stagione della sua carriera. Quest'anno ha vinto la Cup of China, la finale di Grand Prix, gli Europei e la Challenge Cup. Il suo bagaglio tecnico e' inferiore a quello di una volta e a quello di molte altre sue rivali, tuttavia questa strategia, che permette a Carolina di costruirsi volta per volta sempre maggior sicurezza e di riuscire sempre a portare a termine programmi puliti, e' stata vincente per tutta la stagione. L'anno scorso ai mondiali e' arrivata terza dopo Miki Ando e Yuna Kim (che quest'anno non saranno presenti) e se pattina pulita ha buone probabilita' di guadagnare una medaglia.

Migliori Punteggi della stagione: -Short program
                                                -Free skate

Previsioni per il podio:
Oro: Mao Asada
Argento: Ashley Wagner
Bronzo: Akiko Suzuki

World Championships: Ladies' Preview

The ladies competition is by far the least predictable of all. It's been five years that gold is taken by an Asian skater (Ando 2007,2011; Asada 2008,2010; Kim 2009).
Former world champion, Mao Asada (JPN) is one of the favourites for the title. She had a difficult season last year, but now she seems to be on the way back. She won Japanese Championships and got the silver medal at Four Continents this year and if she finds her triple axel back she will be on the top of the podium.

Her teammate Akiko Suzuki had a tough 2010-2011 season too, but she regrouped and got silver medal at Grand Prix Final and Japanese Nationals. She has two delightful program, the short fierce and passionate and the free light and elegant, and has good possibilities of finishing on the podium.

Team U.S.A. is bringing to light a very pleasant skater, Ashley Wagner who surprised everyone winning for the first time Nationals and Four Continents Championships. During these competitions she showed a unseen competitiveness. The last time she entered Worlds was in 2008 where she placed 16th but is now looking for a podium finish.

Alissa Czisny (USA) had always struggled to find consistancy in her programs. Her skating qualities, though, are one of the finest of the bunch. Last year she was crowned Grand Prix Final gold medalist and U.S. Champion, yet this december, after qualifying for Grand Prix Final 2011, she had a foot injury that caused her some disappointing skates. She made quite a disaster at Challenge Cup last week, falling three times (one fall in the short program and two in the free) and placed third.

Carolina Kostner (ITA) is living the best career of her life. She won Cup of China, Grand Prix Final, European Championships and Challenge Cup this year. She usually skates with a lower technical content than it used to be in the past (and lower than many of her rivals), but this strategy, that allows her to feel more confident of herself and to give many clean skates, is serving her well so far. Last year she came third behind Miki Ando and Yuna Kim (who are not competing this year) and if she skates clean she will probably be on the podium.

Season Best scores: -Short Program
                               - Free Skate

Podium Picks:
Gold: Mao Asada
Silver: Ashley Wagner
Bronze: Akiko Suzuki

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Campionati Mondiali: Previsioni per la Danza

La gara della danza sara' dominata dalla rivalita' tra Virtue/Moir (CAN) e Davis/White (USA). Entrambe le coppie hanno sviluppato una tale sicurezza sugli elementi tecnici e sulle componenti del programma, che e' quasi impossibile prevedere chi vincera'

Pechalat/Bourzat (FR) erano i favoriti per la medaglia di bronzo, tuttavia Nathalie Pechalat si e' rotta il naso durante un allenamento. Era prevista per lei un'operazione, che e' poi stata ritenuta troppo dannosa ai fini della partecipazione (ancora in forse) ai mondiali.

La medaglia di bronzo ai Four Continents 2012, Weaver/Poje (CAN) sono la coppia di danza che ha avuto un maggior miglioramento negli ultimi due anni. Il loro e' forse il free piu' bello di quelli coreografati in questa stagione e dopo il quinto posto ottenuto ai mondiali 2011, potrebbero quest'anno essere competitivi per il podio.

Bobrova/Soloviev (RUS) sono i vice-campioni europei in carica e, nonostante i ritmi latini (obbligatori per la short dance di quest'anno) non si addicano particolarmente al loro genere, sono sempre stati capaci di portare a termine prestazioni piu' che decorose con forti elementi tecnici.

La piu' giovane coppia americana composta dai fratelli Shibutani vinse con sorpresa di tutti la medaglia di bronzo ai campionati mondiali scorsi, grazie a un errore di Pechalat e Bourzat che li precedevano in classifica. Quest'anno, tuttavia, sara' molto difficile per loro competere per il podio. Hanno sicuramente un buon repertorio tecnico, ma sono ancora un po' carenti nelle componenti artistiche a causa della loro giovane eta'.

Migliori punteggi della stagione: - Short Dance
                                                - Free Dance

Previsioni per il Podio:
Oro: Virtue/Moir
Argento: Davis/White
Bronzo: Pechalat/Bourzat (nel caso dovessero partecipare, ho la convinzione che il pubblico di casa aiutera' Nathalie a sopportare il suo infortunio)

World Championships: Ice dance Preview

In the ice dance competition the battle for gold will be between Virtue/Moir (CAN) and Davis/White (USA).
Both teams have reached a very high level of technical skills and artistry so it is very difficult to foresee who is going to win.

Pechalat/Bourzat (FR) were the couple that would have probably gained the bronze medal. Though, Nathalie Pechalat broke her nose during practice and she's dealing with pain. Their participation to Worlds is still uncertain.

Bronze medalists at Four Continents, Weaver/Poje (CAN) are one of the most improved team from last year.
In my view, their free dance is the best choreographed program of this season. They arrived fifth at 2011 Worlds, but they can battle for bronze this year.

Bobrova/Soloviev (RUS) can be podium contenders as well. They are 2012 European silver medalists and despite the latin rythms (compulsory for short dance this year) are not their cup of tea, they manage to do it well with strong technical elements.

The young team of U.S.A., Alex and Maia Shibutani, surprisingly won the bronze medal at 2011 Worlds, getting advantage from a mstake done by Pechalat and bourzat. This year, though, it is very difficult for them to be competitivefor a podium position. Indeed, they are very solid on technical content, yet they still lack in artistry because of their young age.

Best season scores: - Short Dance
                              - Free Dance

Podium Picks:
Gold: Virtue/Moir
Silver: Davis/White
Bronze: Pechalat/Bourzat (in the case they will attend Worlds, I am sure that home crowd will lift them and help Nathalie forgetting her pain)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Campionati Mondiali: Previsioni per la gara Maschile

Patrick Chan (CAN) e' il grande favorito per l'oro a Nizza. E' imbattuto dall'inizio del 2011 e il suo bagaglio tecnico insieme alla qualita' di esecuzione e le capacita' interpretative dovrebbero assicurargli il titolo mondiale anche se dovesse commettere qualche piccolo errore.

L'unico che sembra in grado di poter battere Chan e' Daisuke Takahashi (JPN). Ha ottenuto la medaglia d'argento nella finale di Grand Prix e ai Four Continents (sempre dietro a Chan); non e' ancora perfettamente sicuro sul suo quadruplo toeloop, ma tutto il resto lo esegue ai limiti della perfezione.

Un piu' giovane atleta giapponese, Yuzuru Hanyu, sta velocemente occupando la scena internazionale grazie anche al quarto posto ottenuto nella finale di Grand Prix. E' molto leggero e delicato sul ghiaccio, nonostante presenti elementi tecnici di alto valore quali un quadruplo toeloop e triplo axel.

Il pattinatore rivelazione del 2011, Javier Fernandez (ESP) era uno dei favoriti per una medaglia ai Campionati europei, dove tuttavia e' stato vittima delle sue aspettative ed e' arrivato solo sesto. In ogni modo, egli rimane uno dei pattinatori che ha eseguito i suoi programmi piu' brillantemente e percio' puo' aspirare a una medaglia iridata.

La stagione di Artur Gachinski (RUS) ha avuto un percorso opposto: dopo essersi piazzato terzo ai mondiali 2011, ha deluso nelle sue tappe di Grand Prix, ma con la presenza di Plushenko agli Europei, e forse anche meno aspettative su di lui, Artur ha fornito una delle migliori prestazione della sua carriera e ha ottenuto il secondo posto.

Jeremy Abbott (USA) ha avuto negli ultimi anni prestazioni altilenanti. Quest'anno propone al pubblico due programmi molto coinvolgenti, lo short a ritmo jazz e il libero classico ed elegante, eseguiti molto bee entrambi i occasione dei campionati nazionali, ma ancora una volta tecnicamente sporchi durante la Challenge Cup tenutasi la scorsa settimana.

Migliori punteggi della stagione: -short program
                                                -free skate

Previsioni per il podio:
Oro: Patrick Chan
Argento: Daisuke Takahashi
Bronzo: Artur Gachinski

World Championships: Men's Preview

Patrick Chan (CAN) is the absolute favourite for winning Worlds in the men's competition this year.
He has being unbeated since 2011: his technical content and quality, and his artistry is going to assure him the world title even if he makes some little mistakes.

Japan's Daisuke Takahashi seems the only one who could beat Chan. He has been the silver medalist at Grand Prix Final and Four Continents (behind Patrick Chan) and he is stil finding his consistancy on quad toe, but anything else is his repertoire is near to perfection.

A younger Japanese skater is taking the scene: Yuzuru Hanyu placed fourth at Grand Prix Final. He has a very soft and light skating enriched by a remarkable technical content including a quad toe and a very solid triple axel.

The most surprising skater of 2011 Grand Prix circuit, Javier Fernandez (ESP) was one of the favourites for an European medal but struggled in both short and long program to finish sixth. However he has been one of the most successful performer in the fall season and can battle for a podium finish at Worlds.

Artur Gachinski (RUS) did just the opposite: after earning the bronze medal at Worlds 2011 he disappointed in  the Grand Prix series, but with the presence of Plushenko at Europeans, and maybe some pressure off his shoulders, he gave one of his best performances assuring the silver medal.

Jeremy Abbott had had some rollercoaster seasons so far. This year Jeremy has two wonderful programs: the short is on sing sing sing and other jazzy pieces hat really seem to fit his skating, the free is very emotional and classy. He gave a superb performance at Nationals, but again struggled at Challenge Cup last week.

Best scores of the season: -short program
                                        -free skate

Podium Picks:
Gold: Patrick Chan
Silver: Daisuke Takahashi
Bronze: Artur Gachinski

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Campionati Mondiali: Previsioni per le coppie

Nella gara delle coppie di artistico sara' centrale lo scontro tra i Tedeschi Savchenko/Szolkowy e i Russi Volosozhar/Trankov. 

Mentre la squadra russa ha sempre fornito prestazioni generalmente pulite in tutta la stagione, Savchenko/Szolkowy, campioni del mondo per la quarta volta nel 2011, hanno cominciato la stagione non brillantemente per il fatto che hanno piu' volte tentato di portare a termine il triplo axel lanciato, sempre senza successo, salto a causa del quale Aliona Savchenko ha contratto un infortunio al ginocchio sinistro che le ha impedito insieme al suo partner di partecipare ai campionati europei.

I Tedeschi si sono scontrati con Volosozhar/Trankov in due occasioni (Mondiali e Finale di Grand Prix 2011) e li hanno sempre battuti con un piccolo margine.

Altre due coppie russe potrebbero dire la loro nella lotta per il podio.
Kavaguti/Smirnov, gia' medagliati a livello mondiale, non hanno partecipato agli Europei, ma sembra che ora abbiano recuperato la forma.

Bazarova/Larionov, vice-campioni europei 2012, sbagliano abbastanza spesso sui salti in parallelo ma sono molto solidi su salti lanciati, twist e sollevamenti.

Pang/Tong (CHN), medaglia di bronzo ai mondiali 2011, sono stati assenti dalle competizioni per tutta la stagione ma e' in programma per loro la partecipazione ai mondiali 2012. Coppia di grande eleganza e leggerezza, Pang Tong saranno sicuramente competitivi per il podio.

Un'altra coppia cinese, Sui/Han, decisamente piu' giovane di Pang/Tong, stupira' il pubblico per abilita' tecnica (presenteranno un quadruplo twist e un quadruplo salchow lanciato).

Oro: Volosozhar/Trankov (RUS)
Argento: Savchenko/Szolkowy (GER)
Bronzo: Pang/Tong (CHN)

I Migliori Punteggi della stagione-short program
I Migliori Punteggi della stagione-free skate

World Championships: Pairs Preview

The pairs competion will see the rivalry between the Germans and the Russians.

Savchenko/Szolkowy (GER) are the reigning world champions and ne of the favourite teams to win this year. Gold is going be contended by Savchenko/Szolkowy and Volosozhar/Trankov (RUS), the newly crowned European champions.
The two teams faced twice (during World Championships and Grand Prix Final 2011), in both competitions the Germans won.

While Volosozhar/Trankov have competed with consistancy all year long, Savchenko/Szolkowy struggled during fall season because of their attempt to land a throw triple axel. Because of this jump, Aliona Savchenko caused a knee injury that forced the team to skip European Championships.

Two other Russian teams can battle for a podium finish.
Kavaguti/Smirnov, already world medalists, did not attend European Championships too, but seem to be on form now.

Bazarova/Larionov earned the silver medal at European Championships this year. They have been struggling with side by side jumps lately, but shine on throw jumps, twist and lifts.

Last year's world bronze medalists, Pang/Tong of China didn't compete all year long but they are supposed to skate at World Championships. They are one of the most elegant and artistically gifted couple of the bunch and we expect them to be top contenders.

Take a look on the younger Chinese team Sui/Han who had already won Four Continents Championships and World Junior Championships this year by nailing a superb technical content including a quad twist and a throw quad salchow.

Gold: Volosozhar/Trankov (RUS)
Silver: Savchenko/Szolkowy (GER)
Bronze: Pang/Tong (CHN)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is Ksenia Makarova going to worlds?


Ksenia Makarova is dealing with one of the most disappointing season of her career. She is struggling competition after competition, pressed by the upcoming young phenomenal Russian girls. Her participation to World Championships is not assured yet and she has been asked to prove her technical abilities during the Mishin's Cup 2012.

Here is her free skate

She tried to land the triple lutz, istead of triple flip, for the first time this season. She landed it, althought that was underrotated, and nailed the triple toe-triple toe combo. She attempted three other triple jumps: two loops, that were not perfectly landed, and a salchow turned to double. Ksenia seems a little bit slow on the ice surface and her skating is kind of tentative. The Russian federation has decided to send Ksenia at World Championships.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Challenge Cup 2012: Ladies' short

Carolina Kostner is in first with 64.89. She did triple toe-double toe combo, triple loop and double axel.

Alissa Czisny fell on her opening triple lutz and missed the combo.Then she did a shaky triple loop and a double axel. Alissa is in second with 59.82

Valentina Marchei had a very good short. Scored 57.55. She did triple lutz-double toe, triple salchow and double axel.

Challenge cup: Men's short program

Florent Amodio did triple axel, then triple lutz-triple toe. His only mistake was the quad salchow, not perfectly landed. He is first with 82.48

Brian Joubert nailed his quad toe-double toe combo and triple axel. He attended a quad salchow as solo jump, that was not effortless, yet landed. Now he is in second. 78.79

Jeremy Abbott fell both on his quad toe (that was under rotated too) and triple axel. He completed his triple lutz-triple toe combo. He is currently in third with 77.97 due to high components score (42.91)

Samuel Contesti is fourth with a clean triple lutz-triple flip, then struggled a little bit on triple axel and triple flip. He got 77.15

Hendrickx is in fifth at the moment with the best technical score of 42.63. He did triple axel, triple lutz-triple toe and triple loop.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Junior World Championships: Men results

Han Yan (CHN) won the Junior Worlds with a total score of 222.45. he had a very strong free skate including a quad toe, a triple axel and six other clean triples. His only mistake was a downgraded single toe and single loop in combo with a double axel.

Joshua Farris (USA) took the silver with 221.97. He did any jump well with two triple axels anf five more triples.

Jason Brown (USA) skated for the bronze. He did not do any triple axel or quads, but performed clean throughout the whole program with seven triples. (214.90 overall)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Junior World Championships: Dance results

Sinitsina/Zhiganshin (RUS) won the junior World Championships with a total score of 153.81. They received all level four except for two level three step sequences.

Another Russian couple, Stepanova/Bukin earned the silver medal with 147.74. They received all level four except for a level two and level three in two step sequences.

Aldridge/Eaton of U.S. got the bronze medal with 141.14

Junior World Championships: Ladies short

Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS) leads the ladies short program with 63.09 points. She did a double axel, triple lutz and triple toe-triple toe combo. All of her spins received a level four. She got the highest components score of the competition with 26.66

Gracie Gold of U.S. is in second place with 58.00 points. She performed a triple flip-triple toe combo, triple lutz, double axel.

Adelina Sotnikova (RUS), the defending champion, sits in third with 56.57. She nailed all of her jumps (triple toe-triple toe combo, triple lutz and double axel) but received just a level one on her combo spin.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Junior World Championships: Pairs results

Sui/Han won the junior worlds with a free skate scored 116.40. they tried both of their quads and nailed them. The throw quad salchow was not effortless, but the quad twist was perfect. Then they had troubles on sbs triple toe-double toe (the double toe was downgraded. Apart from that, any other element was nicely done, included a stunning throw triple flip in the second part of the program.

The other Chinese couple Yu/Jin placed second with 112.76 in the free skate. Their performance was very clean with a triple twist, a sequence of double axels sbs, a tiple toe sbs, throw triple loop and salchow.

Davankova/Deputat of Russia gained the bronze medal with a 103.16 free skate. They did triple toe-double toe sbs, throw triple flip and loop, triple twist and a struggled double axel sbs.

Junior World Championships: Men's short

Joshua Farris of  USA leads the short program with a technical content of a triple axel, triple flip-triple toe combo and triple lutz. He earned 75.43

Han Yan (CHN) is currently in second with the same jumping content of the leader, but with a level two on a change foot camel spin (while Farris was given a level four). However the gap between the two is under a point as Yan got 74.88. He also received the best components score of the whole (34.37)

Denis Ten (KAZ) sits in third after short program again with a triple axel, triple flip-triple toe combo and triple lutz. He earned 73.78