Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Elizaveta Tuktamisheva wins Youth Olympic games

Elisaveta Tuktamisheva wins the ladies' competition with 173.10. Elisaveta was clean overall, but fell on the triple flip, not her favourite jump. She did triple lutz-triple toe, another triple lutz, single axel-triple toe, triple loop, triple salchow-triple toeloop and a double axel. She had quite good components (54.80) earning 7.04 on skating skills.

Adelina Sotnikova had a disappointing free (the third in the ranking) but managed a second finish (159.08). She found back her triple lutz-triple loop, but that was wrong edge and slightly under rotated. Then she did a triple flip, double axel-double toe, single flip, triple salchow-double toe, single loop and double axel.

Li Zijun earned the bronze medal with 157.70. She did triple flip-double toe, double axel-triple toe-double toe (a trademark combination), triple lutz, triple salchow-double toeloop, triple flip, triple lutz and double axel. Amazing the final layback, level four and +1 goe.  


  1. why is it that li zijun doesn't get more GOEs on her jumps? I think they look really clean and light and airy, like Mao's in 2004 and 2005. Liza seems to have the same style of jumping but gets higher GOEs. I love Liza. I'm just confused why bigger jumps seem to be rewarded so much. And why Zijun seems so underscored to me.

  2. thanks for commenting! well, I love both Li and Elizaveta and I think their jumps are just amazing. They have very different style, even in jumping: Liza has speed going into her jumps, she rotates fast and her running edge is very deep. Li, instead, is a typical Asian jumper, her jumps are high and she has a very light flow landing them. The problem about Li is that sometimes she under-rotates jumps or has a wrong take-off edge. For those kind of mistakes you are surely going to receive a negative goe (according to the rule), which is such a pity, she she should work on it. Actually, after reading your comment, I checked all liza's and Li's goe for jumps at yog free skate and made a sort of comparison. Liza received 1.79 points overall more than Li, so I do not see such a difference