Saturday, January 28, 2012

European Champioships: Men's free

1.Plushenko: quad toe, triple axel, triple loop, triple axel-triple toe, triple lutz-double toe-double loop, triple lutz, triple salchow-double axel with a little struggle but still ok, very passionate footwork, double axel. Just amazing. 176.52

2.Gachinski: quad toe-double toe-double loop, quad toe, triple axel, triple axel-double toe, triple lutz, triple salchow, triple loop step out, two double axels in sequence. 161.47

3.Amodio: double salchow (that was meant to be a quad), triple axel-double toe hand up, triple axel, triple lutz-double toe-double toe hand up, triple salchow-double toe, triple lutz, triple flip wrong edge, single axel. 155.70

4.Brezina: triple axel, fall on quad toe, double salchow (that was meant to be another quad), triple axel-triple toe very well done, triple flip-triple toe, triple loop, triple lutz, double salchow then single axel-double toe. 153.17

5.Verner: fall on quad toe, triple lutz, single axel, triple axel, triple loop, triple flip wrong edge-triple toe step out, triple flip, triple salchow-double toe-single loop. 144.22

6.Fernandez: quad toe with a little turn at the end, gorgeous quad salchow, axel not even a single, with no value, single axel-double toe, triple lutz-single toe, triple salchow, triple flip step out-double toe-double loop, triple loop with a struggled landing. Anything seems very difficult today for him. 142.15

7.Samuel Contesti. triple axel, triple flip, triple lutz fall (he stepped out and put both hands down), triple axel-double toe-double toe, triple loop, double axel in the middle of footwork, triple salchow-triple toe two footed and under rotated, triple toe-double axel. 145.46

8.Brian Joubert had a good free skate but some troubles with his unitard that broke in the middle of the program . He did a quad toe, triple axel, triple flip very high, he tried a second quad toe, stepped out and was unable to put the combo there, triple salchow, triple lutz-single toe-double salchow (he turned a step out into a single loop), triple loop step out, triple flip. 139.91

Kevin Van Der Perren withdrew due toe injury just after the warm up.

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