Monday, January 30, 2012

US Nationals: Men's free

Jeremy Abbott won the US Nationals with a 183.35 free skate. He brought back to competition his quad toe, perfectly executed, then two triple axels (one in combo with a double toe), a triple flip, two triple lutzes. He made mistakes just on his triple loop, not perfectly landed, and o the salchow that was doubled.

Adam Rippon had no quad in his program, that was not free of mistakes, but managed a second place finish with two triple axels, his wonderful tano lutzes, and a triple flip-triple toe combo in the second half of the program. 157.93

Ross Miner won the bronze medal after finishing fourth in the short. His only mistake was a fall on his second triple axel, but, apart from that, the program was clean and well executed, He nailed a triple lutz-triple toe, triple flip, triple loop, triple salchow-double toe-double toe and a double axel. 151.42

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