Friday, August 31, 2012

Satoko Miyahara leads the ladies short at Lake Placid- ISU Junior Grand Prix

Satoko Miyahara of Japan leads the ladies short program with 54.76. She did a triple lutz-triple (wrong edge on the triple lutz) toe combo, triple flip and double axel.
Here is the video

So Youn Park (KOR) ranked  with 52.33. She performed a classy program highlighted by a triple salchow-double toe combo, a beautiful triple flip and the double axel taken from the ina bauer.
Here is the video

Evgenia Gerasimova (RUS) is with 52.30. She skated to a mix of opera musics and she shined for her flexibility (she did a very nice layback with a biellmann with an edge change at the end of her program). She nailed a triple lutz-double toe combo (wrong edge on the triple lutz), triple flip and double axel with a struggled landing.
Here is the video

Courtney Hicks (USA) is currently in  with 51.36. She did a triple loop (and missed the combination) a good triple flip and double axel.
Here is the video

Yuzuru Hanyu 2012-2013 short program

Yuzuru at The Ice 2012 presenting his new sp to Parisienne Walkways

Joshua Farris leads the short program at Lake Placid- ISU Junior Grand Prix

Joshua Farris (USA) is leading the short program with a brilliant 72.20 and a gap of 14 points between him and Kenij Tanaka of Japan.
He did an amazing starting triple axel, a triple lutz-triple toe very near the board and a good (yet slightly bobbling and taken from a wrong edge) triple flip. He performed with a very good flow and interesting spins.
Here is his short 

Kenji Tanaka performed a beautifully choreographed program but some major mistakes brought him to second place with 58.63. He stepped out of his triple axel, then did a good triple flip and a triple toe-triple toe combo with a little turn at the end of it. He was given a level 1 with -0.81 for a flying camel spin where he  had completely lost the balance and gave it up after few revolutions.
Here is his short

Adian Pikteev of Russia ranked third with a clean program with double axel, triple lutz-triple toe and triple flip. (57.40)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elena Radionova shines in Courchevel- ISU Junior Grand Prix

Elena Radionova (RUS) at the age of 13 wins the first junior grand prix competition of the season with over twenty points on the silver medalist Rika Hongo of Japan.

Elena ranked first in both short program and free skate with a total score of 177.79
Her short program was beautifully highlighted by a triple lutz- triple toe combo, triple flip, double axel easily executed, some level four spins and nice flow and charisma. She received 61.15 earning almost eight points of lead.

Elena's short program

She repeated in the free program nailing all of her jumps (seven triples). She did triple lutz-triple toe combo, triple flip, triple loop-double toe, another triple lutz and triple loop, double axel, triple salchow-double toe-double loop. She got positive goe for any element and a very good components score of 52.45. 

Elena's free skate

Rika Hongo (JPN) ranked second with 149.28 after being third in the short program behind Uliana Titushkina who struggled in the free skate on rotating jumps getting the third place overall.