Spins: Levels and Goes


Number of Features for Levels: 1 feature level 1

1. Difficult Variation
(a difficult variation is a movement of a body part that has an effect on the balance of the main body core. Only this variation can increase the level)

2. Change of foot executed by jump

3.Jump within a spin without changing feet

4. Difficult variation of flying entrance/ landing on the same foot as take-off or changing foot on a landing of a flying sit spin

5. Backward entrance
In order to be counted the backward entrance requires at least 2 revolutions on the backward outside edge

6. Clear change of edge
In order to be counted requires at least 2 revolutions on the edge, followed by at least 2 revolutions on the other edge in the same basic position

7. All three basic posistions (sit, camel, upright) on both feet

8. Both directions immediately following each other in sit or camel spin

9. Clear increase of speed in sit, camel, layback or Biellmann position

10. At least 8 revolutions without changes in variation/position, foot or edge

Additional features for a layback
11. One clear change of position backward/sideways or reverse, at least 3 revolutions on each position

12. Biellmann position after layback spin



1. good speed and acceleration during the spin
2.ability to center a spin quickly
3. balanced rotations in all positions
4. clearly more than required number of revolutions
5. good position(s)
6. creativity and originality
7. good control
8. element matched with the musical structure

-1 to -3
- less than required revolutions
-unaesthetic position
-poor/akward position, slow, travelling

-3 fall
-2 touch down with both hands


  1. Hi,
    How to count " All three basic posistions (sit, camel, upright) on both feet".
    Cound you please provide an example.

  2. Hi, thank you for your comment! Actually, the "three basic positions" is the feature everyone gets while doing any combo spin. It implies doing at least three rotations on any basic position, no matter the specific one but you should do all sit, camel and upright and you should do them on both feet. Every combo spin has this feature, as it is quite simple fir athletes to get it done and that's why you can easely find it in every program of every international competition

  3. What is that spin/position called at the top of this page?

    1. I think Yuna is doing the shoot the duck sit spin. correct me if I'm wrong.

    2. It's a catch-foot layback, or a layback Biellmann. Sometimes called a "pearl" spin.

    3. sorry, I was looking at the picture in the middle of the page, not the top.