Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Russian Nationals-Ladies short program

The ladies event at Russian Nationals is probably the most challenging of all. In the short program the younger skaters ruled the competition with several triple-triples. Elizaveta Tuktamisheva is leading with 69.50 points. She put back the triple lutz-triple toe combo and nailed it with all the other jumps. Her spins were not the best today, the layback above all missed some positions.
Adelina Sotnikova is currently in second with 66.99. Her technical content was lower than Tuktamsheva's as she landed a triple toe-triple toe, but anything was nicely executed. 
The 13 years old Elena Radionova, the girl who dominated the junior grand prix, ranked third with the second best technical merit, but lower program components. She executed her trademark triple lutz-triple toe with ease and power.
Korobeynikova and Pogorilaya are fourth and fifth above Alena Leonova who struggled during her short program falling on her triple flip and singling the axel.
Xsenia Makarova fell on triple toe-triple toe and doubled her triple loop. She is now in 12th with 53.36



  1. The Russian nationals are very interesting especially in ladies. Will Leonova ja Makarova make it to the Europeans?

    1. Leonova is more likely going to qualify, she will need to overskate Korobeynikova alone in the free, as both Radionova and Pogorilaya are not age elegible for Europeans. If that happens, Leonova Tuktamisheva and Sotnikova will be the Russian entries for Euros and Worlds.
      Thanks for commenting!