Monday, January 16, 2012

Han Yan wins men's competition at Youth Olympics

Han Yan (CHN) wins the men's competition with a total score of 192.45. He did triple flip-triple toe, triple loop, triple lutz, double axel-double toeloop-single loop, another triple flip, a fallen triple lutz, triple salchow and double axel. He also received more than seven points on each of the components.

In second place there is the Japanese Uno Shoma that, after a disappointing short that put him in sixth, found his rythm back in the free earning 167.15. He did a triple lutz, double axel-triple toe (under rotated), triple flip, triple loop, double axel, triple loop-double toe, triple flip-single toe-single toe and a triple salchow.

Feodosi Efremenkov (RUS) gets the bronze medal with 163.46. His program has been damaged by two falls on his opening triple axels (one was meant to be in combo), then the jumps went well with a triple flip, triple lutz-double toe, triple lutz, triple loop, triple salchow and a sequence of two double axels.

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