Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Plushenko wins tenth national title

Plushenko won his tenth Russian title in Sochi just 14 moths before the winter Olympics. After a brilliant short program, he repeated in the free skate with eight points of gap between him and the silver medalist Voronov. He wasn't perfect in the free skate, yet he wa able to land a quad a couple of triple axels. He scored 174.26
Voronov did a very clean free skate that put him in second place. He nailed an opening quad toe, a triple toe-triple toe and two triple axels. 
Konstantin Menshov had a come back free skate after ranking sixth in the short program. He held on the landing of few jumps, but it was a clean program overall, featuring two quads and two triple axels. Scored 155.00.
Video link
Gachinski ranked fourth with a not so bad free skate, but he struggled with his attempted quads as he turned into triple one and stepped out on the other. He did a couple of good triple axels.


  1. Do you know how the qualification for the Europeans is done in Russia? Is it the results of the Nationals only or does previous success count? Does this result mean that Gachinski is out of the Europeans?

    1. Usually the results at Nationals determines who will go to Euros and Worlds eve if the federation has the last word on it. Considering bad outcomes Gachinsky has had in this season so far, I think he won't be called for European championships, but maybe he will get a spot for Worlds since Plushenko won't probably attend

  2. I love Plushenko's passion for skating.