Sunday, December 23, 2012

Italian Nationals: free programs

Photo by Luca Renoldi

Italian National Championships ended yesterday with the senior free programs. 
The pairs competitions opened the day. With only two skaters attending, Berton/Hotarek claimed the crown skating their best free of the season. Stefania looked pretty concetrated throughout the whole program and didn't really delivered the interpretation of it, but the team nailed all of their elements including their triple salchow side by side that has been a weak point for them in this season. They scored 128.94.

In the ladies event, Carolina Kostner gave oe of the most flawless free skate of her life. Technically she was very close to perfection as she landed six triples including a triple lutz and a triple flip. Artistically she was by far the best of the competition and got several 10s from the judges (receiving a massive 76.64 for components). Her Bolero is an unusual free skate (even if some transitions recall her Dumsky Trio program), but she interpretes it majestically and creates such a special atmosphere that it gains a lot seen it live. She scored a huge 143.56 and won her seventh national title.
Valentina Marchei ranked second with a beautiful skate, yet she did some mistakes with the double axels (did a turn on the landing of one and singled the second). Despite her problems with this jump during the whole competition (singled it even in the short program) she is working on a double axel-triple toe that she beautifully landed in practice. She scored 111.51.
Carolina Kostner: -short program link
                            -free skate link
Valentina Marchei free skate link

The dance competition was the last event of Nationals. Cappellini/Lanotte shined with their Carmen, had some stumbles in the circular step sequence but did a good program overall. They won with a total score of 176.24

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  1. Thanks for these videos! I think Carolina is back better than ever. She will definitely defend her European ja World titles.