Saturday, December 8, 2012

Grand Prix Final: Men free skate

Daisuke Takahashi had a rough starting in the free skate. He fell on quad toe but, as Chan, nailed the second. Struggled in the landing of both triple axels he did, then executed very well triple loop, triple salchow, triple lutz-double toe-double loop, triple flip. He scored 177.11 and won the competition.
Yuzuru Hanyu had just one mistake in his free and that was a doubled quad salchow. He landed aperfect quad toe, a triple axel-triple toe and triple axel-double toe, a triple loop, a triple lutz-double toe-double toe, and a final triple lutz 177.12
Patrick Chan fell on quad toe but landed the second one,later on he struggled with the landing of some jumps, especially in the triple axel, but overall it was a quite good skate even because he always manages to get high components for gorgeos skating skills and transitions. He did a final double axel-double toe that didn't count as it was the fourth combo. The technical score was pretty low and couldn't top Yuzuru Hanyu. 169.39
Javier Fernandez had a massive free skate today after a disappointing short program. He skated super clean with very difficult jumps. He nailed three quads, one toe, a salchow in combo with a triple toe and another salchow in the second half of the program. He did five more triples including a triple axel and a beautiful triple flip-single loop-triple salchow. 178.43
Takahiko Kozuka had a hard start to his free skate. He landed a quad toe but fell on another right after and touched down on triple axel. Then he regrouped and nailed all the other jumps doing a beautiful triple lutz-triple toe and a triple axel-double toe-double loop. 166.88

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