Sunday, December 16, 2012

National Championships: Spain, Finland, Sweden, France and Three Nationals

Javier Fernandez was the big name of the competition and had no troubles getting his third national title despite some not so brilliant skates. He changed his quad toe into a quad salchow in the short program but fell on it.
He didn't repeat his grand prix final's free with three quads but nailed just one, his first salchow, turning to triples the toe and the second salchow. He landed four other triples including a triple axel.

Kiira Korpi won Finnish Nationals as expected performing a stunning short program but disappointing in her free skate. She nailed the triple toe-triple toe combo in the short, but her free that used to be quite clean in the fall season was filled by errors maybe caused by the fact that the Finnish champion had competed in the grand prix final a week ago. She landed just a clean triple in her whole long program and popped several jumps.

Florent Amodio won the men's competition. Brian Joubert didn't compete for illness. Amodio changed his short program into one that was inspired by his last season's free skate. He had a nice competition where he tried to land his quad salchow. He downgraded it in the short but nailed it in the free with a under rotation call. He proved to be quite solid on the other jumps performing clean programs.
Pechalat/Bourzat won the dance event getting amazing scores in both programs. They didn't receive two level fours in the Polka sequences but skated an almost perfect free dance getting seven level fours.
Video links
Florent Amodio- Short program
                        -Free skate
Pechalat/Bourzat -Short Dance
                          -Free Dance

Tomas Verner was the winner here in the men's competition. Tomas had a good skating this week, getting first both short program and free skate. His rival Michal Brezina had to withdraw after his short program because of a flu.
Tomas had two clean skates even if the quad is not in his repertoir yet. Considering the disastrous competitions he has had in the past couple of years, he shwed great things here. He did land a quad toe in the free (step out but it was fully rotated) and two triple axels. His only mistake was a doubled triple lutz in the second half of the program. Scored 151.15 in the free.
Video links
Tomas Verner- Short program
                        Free skate

Michal Brezina- Short Program

Joshi Helgesson won for the first time over her sister Viktoria. She had a very clean competition nailing almost all of her jumps including her stunning triple lutz. Viktoria, instead, had a rough free skate where she popped a lot of jumps landing just four clean triples and scoring four points less than the winner.

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