Sunday, December 9, 2012

NRW Trophy: Ladies free skate

Yuna Kim didn't perform as clean as she did in the short program today. She nailed all her more difficult jumps as the opening triple lutz-triple toe a triple flip and another triple lutz in the second half of the program but missed some relatively easy jumps (at least easy for her) singling every element of a scheduled double axel-double toe-double loop combo and falling on a double toe of a triple salchow-double toe combo. Still she got a high mark and eared 201.61 points on the total. (129.34 in the free)
See Yuna's free skate practice here and the free skate here

Xenia Makarova skated better than she is used to. She indeed had a promising start nailing a triple loop, a triple flip and her triple toe-triple toe. She singled out a double axel and fell on a triple salchow but landed it right after in combo with a double toe-double loop. 159.01

Viktoria Helgesson opened the last group in the free skate. She started with two flips, one was cheated and the othe one doubled. Those were her biggest mistakes, since then she did a couple of loops, an axel in combo with a double toe-double loop, a triple toe followed by a single toe and a good salchow. 158.93

Joshi Helgesson opened with her super high triple lutz but she stepped it out (did it later perfectly), she singled a loop and fell on a triple toe. Other jumps were quite clean. 

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