Friday, December 7, 2012

Grand Prix Final: Pairs short program

Volosozhar/Trankov were the favourites for the gold, helped by the absence of Savchenko/Szolkowy and delivered those expectations with their best short program of the season and in front of a standing crowd. They opened with a huge triple twist, then did a side by side triple salchow and a throw triple loop. 73.46

Bazarova/Larionov always do side by side jumps very far one from the other but they executed he triple toe well as the throw triple loop and their gorgeos triple twist. They skated elegantly and earned 70.14, a new personal best.

Pang/Tong are the most experienced couple in this competition. They have been struggling with technical elements since last year, still they are amazing skaters able to create a special atmosphere everytime they take the ice. He opened the side by side triple toe doubling it landing it forward so it will have a negative goe. The other elements were absolutely stunning. 64.74

Duhamel/Radford had the most difficult jumping content of the competition. They did a good triple twist and throw triple flip, nailed their hardest jump, a triple lutz side by side with a touch down by Megan. 64.20

Kavaguti/Smirnov, the first on the three Russian couples skating today, struggled slightly on the triple twist and on the triple toe side by side where Yuko touched down. She also fell on the throw triple loop. With 58.32 they drop into sixth place.

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