Friday, December 7, 2012

Grand Prix Final: Men short program

Daisuke Takahashi - ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating NHK Trophy - Day 1
Daisuke Takahashi nailed his quad toe a lot better than he has done this season so far and landed all the other jumps perfectly (a triple lutz-triple toe and a triple axel). He then relaxed and performed amazingly as he used to do in his best competitions. He scored a season best of 92.29

Patrick Chan landed amazingly his quad toe and triple axel but when the hard jumps seemed to be passed he doubled a triple lutz and stepped out on the triple toe he tried after the lutz. That mistake costed him the first place. The program is stunning as he underlines every nuance of the music filling the rink with charisma and elegance. He scored 89.27 and got the second place.
Yuzuru Hanyu bended his knee so much for holding the landing of his quad toe, did an amazing triple axel and then struggled with the triple lutz-triple toe combo falling on the second jump. He was very nervous going into his short program but he did really held on everything. He didn't score a world record as in the previous competitions but did 87.17.

Takahiko Kozuka started off with a gorgeos quad toe, but later fell on triple axel. Then he did a very good triple lutz-triple toe. This program is detailed and Takahiko has a lovely musicality and artistry on the ice. 86.39

Javier Fernandez stepped out and fell on quad toe, did a solid triple axel and a triple lutz-triple toe. He didn't lose his focus despite his starting mistake and from that moment on performed well. 80.19
Tatsuki Machida is the "weakest" of the Japanese men skating in the final and the surprise of the fall season. He fell on triple axel, struggled with a triple flip and doubled a meant to be triple toe of the combination. He did a good triple lutz as solo jump. He was the only skater not attempting a quad toe in this competition. 70.58

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