Saturday, December 8, 2012

Grand Prix Final: Ladies free skate

There was any doubt Mao Asada was the best in this competition today. She skated brilliantly and that was maybe her best performance in the last three years. She nailed six triples and her only mistake was a doubled triple salchow. She won with 129.84 and 15 points between her and Ashley Wagner.
Ashley Wagner skated with great character. She had some nice jumping passes like her starting triple flip-double toe-double toe, but fell on triple salchow and again fell so hard on a double axel in sequence with a triple loop and for a moment seemed that she did hurt her hip but she recovered, continued and landed her final triple flip. 115.49
Akiko Suzuki had always delivered her free program in this season so far but today something was missing. She started very well with a triple flip-double toe-double loop and double axel-triple toe. Problems started to happen with her triple lutz which she popped, then fell hard on the triple flip and triple loop. I really thought she would have given up the medal but was rewarded 115.77 and was still able to get on the podium.
Kiira Korpi had a program filled with ups and downs as she usually does. She opened with a double toe-triple toe, popped the lutz,then nailed the triple flip and the triple loop-double toe,but doubled her second triple loop. She really feels the music and interprets her free program so well. She scored 111.52.
Elizaveta Tuktamisheva wasn't precise in the landing of her jumps but she held on everything. She opened with a triple lutz-triple toe with a step out on the second jump, double footed the second  triple lutz and did a good double axel-triple toe. 117.14
Christina Gao skated a very good free after a not so satisfying short.She opened with a triple flip-triple toe and did some other four triples and if she didn't fall on her second triple flip her program would have been very good. 105.98

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  1. Mao was fantastic that was a stunning performance and really emotional one on top of it! I really love her swan lake