Sunday, December 16, 2012

Carolina Kostner wins Golden Spin of Zagreb

Carolina Kostner debuted both her programs this weekend at Golden Spin of Zagreb where she easily won with a total of 175.02. She performed a very good short hitting all of her jumps (triple loop, triple toe-triple toe and a double axel) and receiving all the levels she was supposed to (all level fours except a level three on the layback spin). She scored 64.99.
She didn't shine technically in her Bolero free skate, popping and under rotating here and there. She received 110 points for her free which is a low score for her but she is riskying much more than she did in the past few years. She did land a triple lutz (stepping out of it) that was a jump she wasn't even attempting since 2010 Olympics as it has always been a difficult jump for her. Her jumping layout was kind of disappointing today (after that lutz she landed a double axel, double flip-double toe, triple toe-double toe, triple loop, single salchow-double toe-single loop and a final triple salchow) and the whole program needs some adjustments, but she is surely challenging herself out with this program.
Bolero is a very hard music to skate to and could easily get boring but there is an interesting choreographical concept in her free skate. Firstly the music starts off slow and then grows note after note in a crescendo underlined by a beautiful step sequence.

Carolina will skate at National Championships next week.

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