Saturday, December 8, 2012

NRW Trophy Pairs free skate

Considering how bad Volosozhar/Trankov skated today at Grand Prix Final and how high their score was instead, a distant comparison with Savchenko/Szolkowy is kind of inevitable. 
Savchenko/Szolkowy have been the only one who have ever beated the Russian couple.
They skated pretty well, opening with a stunning throw triple flip. They did a side by side triple toe-sequence double toe and doubled a side by side triple salchow. Anything else looked smooth and easy and they got a score around 134 points (total 207,55). (video link)

Berton/Hotarek won the silver medal after a third place finish in the short with a total score of 178,64. They started off with a good triple toe-double toe-double toe side by side, then Stefania doubled the side by side triple salchow that has always been a problem for her this season. The throw triple loop and triple salchow were good.

James/Cipres kind of surprised yesterday when they finished above the Italians. They have had a huge improvement fro last year. They did one big mistake at the beginning of the free program as Vanessa fell on side by side triple toe, but then they were clean with a throw triple flip and a throw triple salchow (again Vanessa had to fight a little bit for holding this landing). They score 110,54. (video link)

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