Friday, December 7, 2012

Grand Prix Final: Ladies short program

The ladies did an amazing competition, they were all almost clean in everything. Four of them scored more than 60 points showing the high level of the event.
Mao Asada owned the best season score for a short program before this competition. She skated well nailing her triple flip (possibly under rotated)-double loop and her triple loop. Her program was very delightful in every part and she seems to have a lot of fun doing it. She didn't repeat the NHK Trophy score but she got 66.96.
Ashley Wagner performed a very fierce short program. She skated clean nailing her triple flip-double toe and a solo triple loop in the second half of the program. She scored 66.44 that is a new personal best for her.
Akiko Suzuki has had some problems with her short program this season but today performed very well nailing all of her jumps. She landed a triple toe-triple toe combo then changed her triple lutz that used to give her problems in this fall and did a triple flip as a solo jump executing it properly. She had a little struggle in the flying camel spin but apart from that her program was very clean. 65.00
Kiira Korpi is continuing to skate solid and clean. She was a little nervous on her jumping elements: she landed a triple toe-triple toe with some effort (the second toe could be under rotated) and a triple loop. She did a gorgeos step sequence that before in the season received a level four and a beautiful combo spin at the end of the program. 63.42
Elizaveta Tuktamisheva opened with a struggled triple toe-double toe (that was meant to be a triple-triple) and did a good triple loop. She seems to have grown a lot physically and maybe for that she dumped down her technical content. She received a very good score of 56.61.
Christina Gao skated very elegantly her short program but she wasn't clean at all. She stepped out of her triple toe missing the triple-triple combination and two footed her solo triple loop. 48.56

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