Friday, December 7, 2012

Junior Grand Prix Final: free skates recap


Elena Radionova won as anyone expected. She did a very good performance nailing all of her jumps starting with a stunning triple lutz-triple toe combo. She scored 118.50 in the free getting a negative goe on both her triple flips that got a wrong edge call. Her whole package and the best components scores of the night crowned her Grand Prix Final gold medalist.

Hannah Miller scored the fourth free skae of the night, but her margin from the short program was enough for assuring her the silver medal. As in the short program, she didn't attempt a triple-triple combination as the other competitors of the event, anyway she landed all the jumps she was planning to do with great quality and her interpretation was the best of the competition.

Anna Pogorilaya seemed a little bit out of focus at the very beginning of her free skate when she stepped out of her double axel, but from then on she has landed triple after triple with ease and determination. She nailed seven triples including a double axel-triple toe-double loop combo and a triple lutz-triple toe. 

Angela Wang, who was fourth after the short program, scored the second best free skate of the event performing a brilliant program (she nailed her triple lutz-triple toe-double toe combo) but that wasn't able to lift her into a podium position 


Maxim Kovtun had an extraordinary free skate landing all of his jumps. He opened with a beautiful quad toe-triple toe, then did a couple triple axels (one in combo with a triple toe) and four more triples. His jumping content is the highest of the field but he still lacks a little bit in the presentation of the program. He scored a season best of 149.78 (free skate video)

It wasn't an easy job for Joshua Farris to top Kovtun's free skate and actually he had a not so good free skate, still he was able to manage a silver medal. He held on almost all jumps, fell hard on his quad toe finishing on the boards and on a triple flip later. He scored 136.84 and dropped into second.

Ryuju Hino (JPN) skated very well overall landing a triple axel-triple toe, another triple axel in the second half of the program and five more triples. He called the wrong edge call on his triple flip and some other he struggled in the landing of other jumps but the technical content was high eough for assuring a third place finish.

Jason Brown, who was third after the short program, lost his medal because of his lack on the triple axel. He did one in the short program, but here he wasn't even able to do a single one, losing completely a jump in his technical content. He always has a very nice connection to the music but a missing jump difficulty and some mistakes here and there caused him to lose a medal.

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