Thursday, December 6, 2012

Junior Grand Prix Final: short programs recap

As expected, Elena Radionova is leading the competition but with just one point over the second ranked Hannah Miller. She opened with a trademark triple lutz-triple toe combo but then got the wrong edge call on her tiple flip and did a little step out on the landing of the double axel so she got negative goes for these two elements. Anything else was perfectly executed as she received a level four for all spins and steps scoring the best components of the competition too. 60.90

Hannah Miller was the only lady not attempting a triple-triple combination and her strategy paid her well in the short program. As Radionova, she got a level four for all of her elements. Her winning point was her combo, a triple loop-double loop, placed in the second half of the program so that she scored 59.18 and got in second place.

Anna Pogorilaya sits in third with 57.94. She nailed her triple lutz-triple toe but, as her compatriot she started  the triple flip from an outside edge. 
Angela Wang (4th), Satoko Miyahara (5th) and Leah Keiser (6th) weren't able to land their triple lutz-triple toe and at the moment they are pretty far from the podium potitions. (Wang is 7 points behind Pogorilaya).

Another expected leader, Joshua Farris won the short program over Maxim Kovtun of Russia with 74.53.
He didn't perform as clean as usual, since he struggled in the landing of his triple axel, but his overall polish and some two gorgeos jumps (triple lutz-triple toe and a solo triple flip) where enough for the lead.

Maxim Kovtun is exactly two points behind (72.53) and has all the rights for fighting for gold tomorrow. He was clean technically except for his final triple flip, wrong edge and little turn on the landing.

Jason Brown challenged himself landing a fully rotated triple axel when this jump is not one of his favourites and one of those he really struggles with. He nailed it here, but then doubled his triple flip and got 69.43. He was the only one who received a level four for all of his elements.

Fedorova/Miroshkin of Russia scored a season best score of 54.37 and are the current leaders after the short program. They opened with a double twist executed just after a cantilever that is a ery unusual transition. They then did a good throw triple salchow and a side by side double axel.

Purdy/Marinaro of Canada did qualify as the first team but had to give up the short program win to the Russians due to a struggled landing on side by side double axel. They did a good triple twist and a throw triple salchow. They also received the highest components of the competition. 51.83

Davankova/Deputat performed very clean their short program and placed third despite they qualified as fifth. They landed a side by side double axel, a throw triple salchow with a long preparation going into it and a good triple twist.

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