Saturday, October 13, 2012

State of Junior ladies

The Junior Grand Prix is now over and we will wait until December (as the Senior Grand Prix goes on) to see the final. 
Six ladies qualified for the final event in Sochi and will test the 2014 Olympic ice for the first time on an ISU competition. 

Elena Radionova (13 years old) has been the absolute star of the Grand Prix series being the only one girl who won the two assigned competitions this year (Courchevel and Linz). Maybe she is not the more mature female skater in the field (she is actually the youngest) but she performes with great ease and total control of her skating. In this two competition she did not put a foot wrong, nailed all of her jumps, even the more difficult, received high levels on spins and steps and got the highest components score of the whole junior ladies fall season in both short program and free skate. She is surely going to be a top favourite for the gold medal in the final.

Satoko Miyahara (14 years old) is the only Japanese girl who qualified for the junior final. Her best result this year has been reached at USA Grand Prix where she won with eight points of lead on the second. She did not shine in Turkey, where she got a bronze medal, mostly because of a disastrous short program in which she completely missed the flying sit spin. She makes mistakes sometimes, but she is very elegant and her technical content is high enough for assuring her a good score even if not perfect.

Anna Pogorilaya (14 years old) won in Germany getting the third best free skate of the series (behind Radionova and Miyahara). She is an athletic skater with long lines. She does not have very strong triple-triples (compared to her rivals) and goes for a triple toe-triple toe in the short, though her free skate is very competitive with two double axel-triple toe combos and other five triples.

Then, three US ladies are going to compete at Grand Prix Final: Angela Wang, Hannah Miller and Leah Keiser.

Angela Wang (15 years old) is the most promising of the three girls. Training with Patrick Chan's former coach Christy Krall, she has an incredible technical content with a triple lutz-triple toe-double toe in the free skate. She has a very delicate quality of skating and could top her previous results.
Sp video
Fs video

Hannah Miller (16 years old) placed second at both Grand prix event in Austria and Croatia. She is the only one of the six who qualified for the final who does not have a triple-triple comination in her repertoir and that coul really hurt her especially in the short program. Having said that, she has two interesting programs and she uses her strenghts very well.
Sp video
Fs video

Leah Keiser (15 years old) is the more passionate and sensitive girl in the field. She feels the music and has a superior level of interpretation on her two beautifully choreographed programs. She won in Turkey, but she placed fourth in Germany after being first in the short program because of a very tough free skate where she fell twice.
Sp video
Fs video

3-3 in SP
n. of triples in FS

Elena Radionova (RUS)
7 (3lz-3t)
Angela Wang (USA)
6 (3lz-3t-2t)
Satoko Miyahara (JPN)
7 (3lz-3t, 2a-3t)
Anna Pogorilaya (RUS)
7 (2a-3t, 2a-3t-2t)
Hannah Miller (USA)
none (3lo-2t)
6 (3f-2lo-2lo)
Leah Keiser (USA)
7 (3lz-3t, 2a-3t)

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