Friday, October 5, 2012

Finlandia Trophy 2012-Men's short program

Javier Fernandez is leading the men's short program at Finlandia Trophy. He performed a beautiful short on "The Mask of Zorro" landing a quad toe, triple axel and triple tulz-double toe. He scored 80.77

Javier Fernandez

Yuzuru Hanyu, now coached by Brian Orser, is in second place with 75.57. He skated a very interesting short program, but struggled in landing his jumps. He fell on his opening quad toe, and fought for a triple lutz-double toe combo. However he did an incredibly gorgeous triple axel taken from a very difficult transition.

Yuzuru Hanyu

Richard Dornbush is in third place with 71.19. He attempted a quad toe at the beginning of his program, but failed and came out with a bobbling triple. Then he did a good triple axel and triple lutz-double toe.

Richard Dornbush

Jonnhy Weir made his season debut after two years of break from the competitive world. He performed an already popular short to Lady Gaga's Poker Face and got the whole crowd on his side during the exhibition. He was not perfect from a technical poin of view: he received a under rotation for his quad toe, but then he regrouped on a triple axel and on a triple lutz-double toe. He ranked fourth with 69.03


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