Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skate Canada pairs free skate

Savchenko/Szolkowy performed to a particular version of Bolero with some mistakes here and there. They struggled slightly in their throw 3flip, that is a trademark for them, then had troubles with a side by side 2toe (meant to be triple) in sequence with a triple toe, a triple twist, a side by side 2salchow (meant to be triple as well) and a good throw 3salchow. The program was not very clean, but gained the gold medal with a score of 129.10.
Duhamel/Radford skated a very ambitious program with difficult elements. They started with a 3twist a good and difficult 3lutz side by side, then waited the second half of the program for completing a side by side 3salchow-2toe-2toe, a throw 3loop with a step out, a throw 3flip hand down. Gained 126.00 and a silver medal.
Berton/Hotarek conquered their second grand prix medal of their career after the bronze won at Cup of Russia last year. They performed a beautiful choreography highlighted by a difficult reverse lasso lift with a difficult variation. Stefania fell on the side by side 3salchow but apart from that the program was cleanly executed featuring a side by side 3toe-2toe-2toe, a 3twist, a throw 3loop and a throw 3salchow. 112.24

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