Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yuna Kim setting her goals for the new season

Yuna Kim is one of the best thing happened in figure skating in the last decade. In her shining years (actually all of those in which she has competed) she has become not only a great champion with uncomparable qualities but also a role model even outside the rink.
She has reached the limelight in South Korea over the years and inspired so many young girls in the way of figure skating. From being actually unknown, the sport has immensly grown in popularity. That is quite evident considering the level of Korean junior ladies who got two medals in this season's junior grand prix circuit. Hae Jin Kim, who won the gold at Sencila Bled Cup, the junior grand prix competition held in Slovenia, pointed out that training alongside their idol is acting as a great motivation for the young skaters. "She isn't the type to offer lengthy advice but simply training with her at Taereung helps a lot", she said.

Yuna Kim, who is training hard in Taereung for the upcoming season, found herself a motivation by seeing the great performances of the Korean young athletes in the junior grand prix.

Because I took the season off, I need to go through some preparations in order to participate in the Sochi Olympic Games. I have about 3 competitions ahead of me. One in December, a senior B competition, one in January (South Korean Nationals), and one in March, the 2013 World Frigure Skating Championships.“ 

Yuna Kim has already announced her new programs' musics in late August and she is going to perform to "The Vampire Kiss" in the short program and to "Les Miserables" for the free.
"I've tried to take on different genres and depict different characters," Kim said in a statement. "I wanted to present something new, and David Wilson suggested I try 'The Kiss of the Vampire' for my short program."
For her free skate, Kim said she was seeking a program that would "make a long-lasting impression."
"I was looking for something from films or musicals, and chose 'Les Miserables,' " she said. "Personally, I am really satisfied with the program."
Wilson, the choreographer with whom she has worked for six years, said that "the sensuous and mysterious character of the vampire would suit Kim's on-ice personality for the short program, while the free skate will express a wide range of emotions."

Concerning her future goals, the Korean champion has stated that one of them for the season is getting tickets for the 2014 Olympics

“I’m a bit worried because I took a season off… no actually I’m worried a lot (laughs). I’m working hard. I want to do my best so I can go to the Olympics with my fellow Korean skaters. I want to earn at least 2 tickets to the Games.”

UPDATE: Yuna Kim announced that she reunite with former coaches Shin Hye-sook and Ryu Jong-hyun, who used to train her before she left for Toronto at the age of 15.

"They are the two coaches that helped me grow, technically and mentally, from the beginning," Kim said through the agency. "They've known me for a long time and we enjoyed great rapport before. I don't think I will have any problem getting on the same page with the coaches this time."

sources: Japan Times.co.jp and Fever skating.com and Korean Times for the changing coach

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