Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skate Canada Ladies short, expect the unexpected

Elene Gedevanishvili stole the scene at Skate Canada. I think no one would expect her to win the short program considering that her best results were two bronze medals at European Championships (2012 and 2010). She looked absolutely beautiful on the ice and was extremely satisfied with her skating. She landed for the first time in competition a triple lutz-triple toe (under rotated) a triple salchow and double axel. She scored 60.80 and won the short.
One of the highlights of the night was Kaetlyn Osmond's short program that put her in second place. She was very solid technically with a triple toe-triple toe a triple flip and a double axel from a spread eagle, but apart from that she really enjoyed her skating and performed very well. 60.56
Ksenia Makarova is skating the same short she had last season and this choice paid her well. She was solid on triple toe-triple toe and triple loop but completly missed her double axel, she did a half rotation and got no points. However, considering how she has struggled in the past year, that was quite a success. 58.56
Kanako Murakami has a very sophisticated short. Its highlight is a beautiful step sequence unusually done at the beginning of the program, specifically studied for placing the combination and the solo jump in the second half of the program for getting the bonus. She under rotated the second jump of triple toe-triple toe and dowgraded her triple flip so that her technical score was pretty low and placed fourth with 56.21.
Akiko Suzuki was the absolute favourite going into the competition but missed some jumps. She skated to an interesting Kill Bill program that was very captivating. She got a downgrad on second jump of triple toe-triple toe and a wrong edge on triple lutz. Scored 55.12
Elizaveta Tuktamisheva is the defending Skate Canada champion. She is in sixth with 55.10. She lost some points on her opening combination, since she fell on the second jump of a triple toe-triple toe. She dumped down her technical content as last year she was doing a triple lutz-triple toe, but that is mainly caused by the fact that she is recovering from a recent knee injury.

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