Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skate America ladies free, Wagner's triumph

Ashley Wagner was by far the best skater both artistically and technically. She won with 127.76 her first Skate America ever. Her six triples program was highlighted by a triple flip-double toe-double toe, a double axel-double toe, a triple salchow, a beautiful triple loop from a spread eagle, a triple lutz, a triple loop in sequence with a double axel, and a triple flip at the very end of the program. She got a terrific components score of 63.93

Christina Gao skated a very solid and artistically good and got silver here. She performed a splendid tango program with light and ease. She did not do any mistake in a six triples free. She did a  triple flip-double toe, double axel, triple lutz-double toe, triple flip, triple salchow, triple loop, triple toe-double toe-double loop. She scored 117.62

.Adelina Sotnikova did free skate with ups and downs. One big up goes to a beautiful opening triple lutz-triple toe but then hardly landed a double axel and fell on a triple flip plus a not so brilliant triple salchow-double toe-double loop that did not receive any points for being her fourth combination. She scored 110.03

Valentina Marchei improved in presentation and has added sophistication to her programs. She performed well with two beautiful triple lutzes and a good triple salchow-double toe but doubled a salchow. She scored 104.78 and ranked fourth.

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