Thursday, October 4, 2012

ISU Junior Grand Prix-Ladies short program

Angela Wang skated a beautiful short program and destroyed her ISU personal best in the short program with 58.47. She was extremely polish with a triple lutz-triple toe, a triple flip and a double axel taken from a ina bauer. She got the best components score of the competition (23.54)
Angela Wang's short program

Anna Pogorilaya is in second with 51.67. She did a good triple toe-triple toe combo, a triple flip and double axel. Here is the video

Hannah Miller ranked third in the short program with 51.33. She struggled with the landing of a triple loop that probably was meant to be in combo and almost fell, but then recovered on a triple flip and double axel. She skated with a great quality and skills performing a very intricate footwork (level four).
Here is the video

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