Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finlandia Trophy 2012-Ladies free skate

Julia Lipnitskaya won Finlandia trophy with a free skate of 124.18. She skated effortlessy performing six triples. She did triple lutz-triple toe, double axel-triple toe-double toe, double axel, triple loop, triple lutz-double toe, double flip and triple salchow.

Kiira Korpi came in second after ranking first in the short program . She scored 111.89. She struggled in her opening combo, a triple toe-triple toe (landing just a bobbling triple toe), and on her salchow and flip which she singled out. She did a couple of good triple loops in combo with double toe, double toe-double loop. Overall she performed an elegant program gaining the best components score of the competition and receiving a level four for all spins and footwork.

Mirai Nagasu earned the bronze medal scoring 110.34 in the free. She performed a not so bad program, with ups and downs and with random mistakes. She landed a triple lutz with wrong edge, then did a good double axl-triple toe, under rotated a triple flip and fell on the other one (meant to be in combo), then did a couple of good triple loops and a double axel.

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