Saturday, October 27, 2012

Skate Canada Ladies free skate

Kaetlyn Osmond has performed the first Carmen of three we see in this event. She was solid and clean except for a fall on triple lutz. Then she did 3 flip-2toe, 2axel-triple toe, 3salchow, 3flip, 3toe held very hard on the landing, 2axel-2toe-2toe. She had a very mature and passionate interpretation for being a sixteen years old. She took advantage from her short program and overskated Suzuki with 115.89. She gave Canada the first gold of Skate Canada 2012

Akiko Suzuki had a magnificent free skate after a disappointing 5th place finish after the short yesterday. Despite her age (27) she is still able to reinvent herself and maybe this is her best. She skated very clean and did 3lutz-2toe-2loop, 2axel-3toe, 3flip-half loop, a lovely step sequence, 3flip, 3loop, 3salchow, 2axel. Love the choreography and the performance scoring 120.04

Kanako Murakami skated on a tango program that for me was not really working interpretation-wise until she had finished jumping. Anyway her jumping was good: 3lutz with a very long preparation going into it, 3loop, 3flip, 3loop-2loop, 3lutz in sequence with a single axel, 3salchow-2toe-2loop, 3toe. 111.83

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