Thursday, October 11, 2012

Junior Grand Prix Germany-Men's short program

Maxim Kovtun of Russia leads after the short program just right after a gold medal at Junior Grand Prix Croatia last week. He performed clean landing a triple lutz-triple toe, a triple axel with a light hand down and a triple flip. He scored 68.13
Here is the video

The fourteen years old Shoma Uno (JPN) did not have the highest technical content of all, but skated clean and interpreted well his Roxanne Tango program. He landed a triple toe-triple toe, a triple flip and double axel. He scored 63.48
Here is the video

Jay Yostanto (USA) is currently in third with 61.04 (a new personal best). He did not make major mistakes but his jumps were quite tight. He landed a triple axel, triple lutz-double toe and triple flip. Anyway, he is still in the running for a more precious medal.
Here is the video

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