Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finlandia Trophy 2012-Ladies short program

Kiira Korpi is leading the short program at Finlandia Trophy with an astonishing score of 69.27. She skated an effortless short with great ease and elegance. She landed a triple toe-triple toe combo, a triple loop and double axel. She received level four for all other technical elements except for the layback spin (level three).
Here is the video

Julia Lipnistkaia, the 2012 junior world champion, debuting this year as a senior, is in second place with 64.05. She did a triple lutz-triple toe with a struggled landing, a triple flip and double axel. She has a beautiful quality in her skating with huge extensions that she uses at her fullest advantage and she is surely going to be a top contender in the few years. Yet, she is a little bit immature and her program is not very sophisticated.
Here is the video

Mirai Nagasu is in third with 52.75. Mirai is coming from a disappointing season where she didn't qualify for worlds. In this program she did a triple toe-triple toe falling very hard on the second toe and under rotated it, then did a triple loop and double axel.
Here is the video

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