Saturday, October 6, 2012

ISU Junior Grand Prix Croatia-Ladies free

Angela Wang won the ladies event with 104.18. She did a magnificent triple lutz-triple toe-double loop that got her 12.10 points. Her only mistake was on the following flip that she singled out. Then did a triple loop-double toe, double axel-double toe, triple lutz, double axel and triple salchow. She got the highest components score of the bunch.
Here is the video

Hannah Miller (USA) had a very free skate. She did a beautiful opening triple loop-double loop, triple flip with a little turn on the landing and a double loop in combo, a good triple lutz, a two footed triple flip with a double axel in sequence, a triple loop, triple salchow and double toe at the end. She scored 101.88.
Here is the video

Anna Pogorilaya had a good opening with two double axel-triple toe combos (one with another double toe at the end), but then popped the lutz and fell on her last triple loop. She ranked fifth in the free and scored 93.87.
Here is the video

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