Saturday, November 17, 2012

TEB: Pairs Free skate

Kavaguti/Smirnov had a four points lead after the short program on Duhamel/Radford. They struggled in their side by side triple toe double axel with slight step outs on both jumps as often seen from them (Yuko two footed the toe that maybe could be under rotated) , but then performed an incredibly elegant program with throw triple loop, triple twist, double axel side by side, throw triple loop. They won the competition but ranked second in the free with 121.21.
Duhamel/Radford had a very technically ambitious program as usual and it was well done. They did a triple twist, triple lutz side by side, side by side triple salchow-double toe-double toe in the second half of the program. Megan fell on throw triple loop but regrouped on throw triple flip that was perfect. They scored 124.43
Berton/Hotarek fought in their free and made some mistakes. They did a very good side by side triple toe-double toe-double toe, then doubled a throw salchow, and Stefania held on her throw triple loop. Anything else had a very good quality especially a beautiful carry lift. They scored 112.19 and got bronze here.
Peng/Zhang opened with an outstanding quadruple twist that caused the gasp of the crowd, fell on throw triple loop singled the double axel side by side, then had a good throw triple salchow. They skated to the same music as Berton/Hotarek and they ranked behind them. 107.84
Stolbova/Klimov struggled in their short program getting the fifth place. They had a good free skate with difficult elements in the second half of the program, especially a throw triple salchow at the very end of it. They struggled a little bit in their triple twist,since Fedor get his arm around Ksenia's wrist in the landing and on side by side double axel that Ksenia turned into a single. They got 113.09

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