Saturday, November 17, 2012

TEB: Men free skate


I think anyone thought that Japan wouldn't have medal here, after medaling at any gp men competition with five different skaters (and very likely will medal at NHK Trophy too), instead Takahiko Mura had a superb free skate after ranking second in the short program and got the gold medal winning his first grand prix. He nailed his quad toe, triple lutz-triple toe, triple axel, triple loop, triple axel-double toe, triple salchow, triple lutz, his only mistake was a single flip at the end of the program. 154.03

Jeremy Abbott's free skate was an absolute piece of art but struggled technically and did triple lutz, two footed his quad toe, triple flip-double toe, triple axel, single axel-double toe, triple lutz-triple toe with a tough landing, triple loop, doubled his salchow and got silver here. 146.45

Brian Joubert struggled at the beginning of his program: he fell on quad toe and made his second quad a triple, but then landed some good jumps as triple axel-double toe, triple flip, triple lutz, triple loop, triple salchow-double axel, triple flip with a turn-double toe. I think that his free program is kind of different from what he used to present improving his interpretation. Anyway he scored 134.70 and ranked behind Amodio.
Florent Amodio performed very clean after a disastrous short that put him in seventh. He would have been a perfect program if he didn't miss the combination after the second triple axel that had to be followed by another jump and for not doing it he received a -3 on its grade of execution. Anyway he nailed his quad salchow in which he struggled yesterday and a triple flip, triple lutz, double axel, triple salchow-triple toe. 154.12
Nan Song had to withdraw from Cup of China due to a collision with Adam Rippon during the Free skate warm up and his paticipation at TEB was uncertain but he performed very well here landing quad toe, triple axel-double toe, triple axel, triple lutz-triple toe, triple flip, triple loop hand down, double axel-double toe, triple salchow. He had a very good Technical elements score but got more than ten points less than Amodio in the components score for a total of 139.73.

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