Saturday, November 24, 2012

NHK Trophy Men Result

Yuzuru Hanyu - ISU Grand Prix NHK Trophy - Day Three
Yuzuru Hanyu could have skated better, but the same won on the free and overall. He landed both his quads, struggling a little bit on the salchow and landed two stunning triple axels in the second half of the program. He did some mistakes at the end like a fall on triple lutz and a unusual fall on a spin. He scored 165.71 and won the competition.
Daisuke Takahashi has a very ambitious program for him with difficult elements that distract him a little bit from interpreting the music. He was quite disastrous at Cup of China and improved his score of twenty points. He neilde one quad toe, the second one was two footed, did two triple axels, and some other triples getting 164.04.
Ross Miner had an excellent skate where he landed almost anything he was supposed to. That was one of the best performance from a US skater in a long time. He nailed a quad salchow and a couple of triple axels. Later on he attempted  a triple lutz-triple toe but doubled the toe. Anyway he landed four more triples with ease and he showed himself as a competitor for gold at Nationals. 161.96
Javier Fernandez struggled a lot in his free skate and lost an expected medal but qulified for grand prix final. He executed a stunning quad salchow and some good triples in the second half of the program, but stepped out on the first quad toe and fell on the second, fell within a transition and didn't land any triple axel. 146.55
Dornbush had problems at the beginning of the program with his two quads attempt, one he doubled and fell on the second but then skated very well nailing two triple axels and a stunning triple lutz-triple toe with both hands up on both jumps.147.51

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