Saturday, November 17, 2012

TEB Ladies free skate. Ashley Wagner shines again

Ashley Wagner was superb today and is proving to be very consistent this season. She did six triples with a couple of flips, a lutz, and two loops. Maybe she was supposed to do a double axel-triple toe combo but she didn't land the double axel well enough for it so, even considering how magic her program was, there's still room for improvement. She was superior to anyone interpretation wise and got a season best of 127.54.
Elizaveta Tuktamisheva had a terrific free skate as one of those that helped her win the two grand prixs last season. She landed seven triples featuring triple lutz-triple toe, triple lutz, triple flip, double axel-two footed triple toe, triple salchow-double toe-double loop, triple loop, double axel. She was very satisfied at the end of the program and scored 121.36
Julia Lipnitskaya had some ups and downs in her program. She started very well with a stunning triple lutz-triple toe,then singled the toe of a meant to be double axel-triple toe, but then repeated it and nailed it with an extra double toe after the triple.Other mistakes were a hand down on a triple lutz and doubled a salchow. She scored 115.76 and got the bronze.
Christina Gao skated brilliantly today. She had a disappointing short program ranking seventh but shined in the free skate landing six triples: triple flip-double toe, double axel, triple lutz-double toe, triple flip, triple salchow, triple loop, triple toe-double toe-double loop. 112.16
Mae Berenice Meite was surprisingly in fourth after the short program. She did a big mistake at the beginning of the program with a fall on a under rotated triple flip but then regrouped and landed 3lz, 3lo, 2a-3t, 3f-2t, 3t-2t, 2a but she couldn't save her fourth place and was outskated by Christina Gao and scored 102.75.
Polina Korobeynikova double flip, double axel-triple toe, triple loop-double toe, triple loop with step out, fell on triple salchow, single salchow. 90.32

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