Friday, November 16, 2012

TEB Ladies short program

Julia Lipnitskaya was affected by an ankle injury and it wasn't sure she would have competed but she didn't show anything of it in her short program. The jumping quality wasn't good as usual, but that was really good. She completed a triple lutz-triple toe combo, a triple flip and a double axel and super spins. She got 63.55 and won the short program.

Ashley Wagner shined in this performance and showed a superb confidence and strenght. She nailed all she was supposed to do, from jumps to spins and interpretation. She did a triple flip-double toe, a double axel and a triple loop in the second half of the program. For me she deserved to be in first because her quality was superior to anyone else but Lipnitskaya's technical base value was higher so, despite Ashley was three points above Julia in the components score, the US champion ranked second with 63.09

Elizaveta Tuktamisheva changed her "Love Story" short showed at Skate Canada into a Tango program. She wasn't so solid as usual in jumping but she nailed her triple toe-triple toe combo (a lot easier combo than   the one she used to do last year) a good triple lutz and great double axel. She scored 58.26

Mae Berenice Meite wasn't supposed to be a contender here, but she was clean and her actual program suits her and highlights her qualities more than other she have had in the past. She did a triple toe-triple toe combo, a triple lutz and double axel all executed very well with power and ease. She got 54.48 and now she is in fourth place.


  1. Wow- I haven't seen the performances yet but I'm so glad they are finally rewarding Wagner with well-deserved high PCS. The judges definitely see her as the front runner!

    I think your predictions will be right on target for the ladies...I'm a bit sad that Gao didn't shine as bright in the SP but theres still the LP...

    Also, did you have any news on how Yuna is coming along? Thanks- I love your blog! :)

    1. You're so kind!Thank you for your appreciation, I always try to do my best here...
      As for Yuna I don't know much about her except that she will compete at NWR Trophy in Dortmund the same week of gpf (5-9 nov)