Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ladies free skate at Cup of Russia

Kiira Korpi was very nervous in the warm up and popped almost all of her jumps. Instead, she landed very well those jumps in which she usually have problems such as the triple toe-triple toe, triple lutz and triple flip, but she struggled in her both triple loops, trademark jumps for her, falling on one and doubling the other one. She was the most mature and artistically beautiful of the ladies competing today and she scored 115.64. At the beginning of the season she was upset for being assigned to just one of the grand prixs, but then got to compete here and got a ticket for the final in Sochi. 3t-3t, 3lz, 3f, 2lo-2t, 3s-2t-2lo, fall on 3lo, 2a 115.64

Gracie Gold was in first after the short and had a sparkling beginning in her free program with a triple lutz-triple toe and a couple of triple flips but then started to pop some jumps and lost points on her rivals. Plus the program is not exciting artistically but she earned the silver medal that is quite a success for a lady making senior debut this season. 3lz-3t, 3f, 2a, 2lo, 3f-2toe, 2lz, 2a-2toe-1loop 112.87

Agnes Zawadzki did a good program to Rapsody in blue. She did five triples, she did a couple of mistakes in her second triple lutz that she doubled and in the second triple toe of a triple toe-triple toe combo. She needs to work a little bit on components and interpretation but it wasn't a bad program at all and she got the bronze medal with 106.43 3lz, 3t-two footed 3t, 3f, 2a, 3s, 2lz-2t, 2a-2t-2lo 106.43

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